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Vattenfall Eldistribution

About Vattenfall Eldistribution

Vattenfall Eldistribution AB distributes electricity to more than 900,000 companies and private individuals through its electricity network, which must meet the needs of network capacity, electricity and supply quality. Vattenfall Eldistribution operates a critical infrastructure for our society. Its mission is to maintain, operate and, if necessary, expand a safe, reliable and efficient electricity network at a lower cost for the consumer. The goal is to be the most reliable and customer-oriented electricity company and, at the same time, offer its customers intelligent energy solutions.

LEKAB/21st has collaborated with Vattenfall Eldistribution since 2001 regarding mobile messaging services to streamline and improve internal processes and customer communication in the event of power outages, planned or unforeseen.



As part of being a customer-oriented company, Vattenfall desired to communicate more efficiently with the customer in the event of, for example, an unforeseen power outage to avoid customer service being overloaded. There was also a need to communicate faster internally and externally with various stakeholders for examples system administrators, electrical installation contractors etc.

In addition, Vattenfall also wanted the users to work in a common user interface for a uniform work process, where power outage information can be registered and updated in the network system and the customer pages on the web. In addition to the possibility of sending quick SMS to get the recipient's attention, Vattenfall needed to publish information in multiple channels such as web, e-mail, IVR but also in Swedish Radio's OJJE system for quick information via media and the support system Susie. 



The solution consists of several communication services, including a website function with a link to an online map with updated power outage information. Vattenfall's messaging solution is customised and implemented in the Vattenfall's system environment. Vattenfall Eldistribution has received a long-term and viable solution where Vattenfall's pain points and needs are resolved and fulfilled. The overall goal was to reduce incoming calls to customer service, in order to be perceived as customer-oriented and easy to deal with by the end-customer.

SMS for customer communication

Vattenfall Eldistribution uses the LEKAB/21st IMM solution, which delivers a unified function to manage information dissemination in connection with events, i.e. incidents, such as planned and unplanned outages. The platform is used for simple communication with various stakeholders, such as contractors, managers and large customers, in addition to SMS messages to households and individuals.

  • SMS-web tool with editor and templates
  • IVR messages for status information on power outage
  • Subscription tool for SMS status and updates
  • Customer survey with SMS
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Power outage APP

Vattenfall Eldistribution also offers its customers to download an app for power outage information via Google Play or the App Store.
  • See current power outages
  • Possibility to report a new power outage
  • Push notifications in registered areas
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"LEKAB/21 st messaging services have improved our customer communication in the event of planned or unplanned power outages. The number of incoming calls and workload in our contact centre has decreased thanks to LEKAB/21st' smart messaging solutions"

Florina Ioana, Application Manager på Vattenfall Eldistribution

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