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Connect with anyone - anywhere - instantly. Explore our messaging services for uninterrupted worldwide connectivity.

Try SMS-reminders

Make it simple for your customers to bring their design home. Notifications allow you to automate mobile communications with customers. Send reminders, confirmations, cancellations, activations, and alerts for all business areas.


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Assemble a rich messaging experience

Send customised branded and verified messages with logo and colour for a better customer experience. Make messages more interactive and engaging with images, videos, audio files, GIFs, geo-location and more.

Reach customers in their preferred channel

Build relationships with your customers via SMS, RCS, WhatsApp or other OTT channels – using our modern and reliable APIs and mobile services. 

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Engage your co-workers

Make collaboration easier with accessible and engaging internal communication.

Shop assistants, logistics and warehouse teams often have little to no access to internal email tools in their daily work routine. Traditional or rich messaging can be used to send reminders, feedback, polls, greetings and shift scheduling to workers on the go.

SMS is also a reliable and effective way to send urgent messages to employees, e.g. if electricity, computer systems or internet service goes down.


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Send links to personalised landing pages

Enhance the experience and image of your brand with rich SMS. Include links in your text messages that lead to a personalised landing page with images, video, interactive CTA-buttons and more.



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