LEKAB signs framework agreement with Region Västra Götaland as continued provider of a business messaging platform

LEKAB has won a framework agreement after a completed public procurement process. With its 55,000 employees, Region Västra Götaland is Sweden's largest employer. Messaging services are a very important instrument for efficient healthcare and public transport in the region and SMS communication is used to communicate with patients, residents, employees and customers.

LEKAB will cater for Region Västra Götaland’s requisite to meet tomorrow's complex digitalisation needs with its services. Within hospital & healthcare, the region calculated that the cost of missed appointments amounted to half a billion SEK 2018. By sending SMS reminders, the region has been able to reduce the number of missed appointments by 35%. Region Västra Götaland's focus on digitalization and the trend where patients and customers choose text messages as a means of communication, increase demands on VGR to keep up the development.

- I am happy and proud that we won the framework agreement and received renewed confidence from Region Västra Götaland, says Pekka Ollila, CEO of LEKAB Communication Systems AB. Region Västra Götaland is Sweden's largest employer with a complex organization consisting of 38 administrations and 6 companies with high demands on delivery and quality. We have been a supplier since year 2000 and this is a proof of our strength as a partner in business messaging. We look forward to continue to develop modern messaging services together, so that the Region can communicate quickly and proactively on the recipients' terms directly in their mobile phones.

With smart use of text messages, the Region can make huge cost savings thanks to mobile communication to residents, patients and employees. Working proactively and sending confirmations, reminders and information to the patient before a doctor's appointment, increases the number of completed healthcare visits and means huge cost savings. With modern business messaging services, you can also fill vacant work shifts at short notice and increase productivity internally by saving time and streamlining existing processes.

The agreement runs for two years with an option to extend it for two years.

About Region Västra Götaland

Region Västra Götaland's task is to offer good healthcare and dental care and to provide the prerequisites for good public health, a rich cultural life, a good environment, jobs, research, education and good communications. Together with the 49 municipalities, trade and industry, organisations and academia, we drive development with Västra Götaland’s best interests as objective. Region Västra Götaland is Sweden's largest employeer with its 50 000 employees.

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