Communication Platform as a Service

Improve your business communication

Our user-friendly web messaging tool enables you to easily send SMS and text messages to your recipients and receive quick replies in a reliable manner. No software installation required.

Send text messages to mobile devices

Enhance communication with customers and employees by sending one- or two-way SMS through our platform. It's a cloud-based web platform designed to quickly reach recipients on their mobile devices, enabling you to send and receive replies efficiently.

Our platform meets the highest enterprise requirements for security, availability, and stability, ensuring you can rely on it for seamless communication.


What can the platform be used for?

Our platform enables you to seamlessly communicate with people on their mobile devices via SMS, app, voice messages, or email. It also includes pre-built communication workflows to handle unexpected or urgent situations that require a quick response and support.  You can use it for:

  • Internal and external communications 
  • Mass or targeted mailings
  • One or two-way communication
  • Multi-channel delivery

With our platform, you can efficiently manage all your communication needs in one place.



Send important and relevant information by SMS – and get an instant response

Inform the right person quickly

In time-sensitive situations, it is essential to reach the right person promptly. SMS is a highly effective communication channel as it cuts through the noise and delivers urgent messages directly to recipients' mobile devices. SMS are more likely to be read  than e-mail.

two-way messaging
Get a response instantly

The platform supports two-way SMS which can be used to collect answers, confirm bookings, mobilise teams or call in specific staff using smart filters. Your mobile is always close at hand and you get answers quicker than e-mail or a phone-call.


Get real-time insights and feedback

By using two-way SMS, you can conduct real-time surveys and inquiries to gain a better understanding of the situation and the status of your employees to make informed decisions and take appropriate action. When facing a critical situation, it is essential to quickly gather relevant information and take immediate action.

Saves time when you need it most

Send messages directly online from your preferred device; PC, mobile phone or tablet. You can send unlimited messages both internally and externally, as well as inform, ask specific questions and analyse the responses on the dashboard for quick and efficient decision-making.  


One cloud service – multiple applications
  • Last-minute staffing
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Incident management and alerts
  • Mobilising teams
  • Customer or employee surveys
smarta utskick till många

Get attention with SMS notifications

Send urgent messages with ease and ensure immediate attention and action with multi-channel notifications (SMS, app or voice). Whether it's an emergency situation or a staffing requirement, your message will reach and be read on the mobile device.

Easily send text messages directly through our web platform or integrate our SMS APIs with your existing systems and applications. Improve communication for your daily operations and streamline your messaging process.

Learn more about the benefits of SMS>>

Tracking mailings in real time and ensure delivery

Keep track of your mailings and stay informed with real-time updates on recipient responses. Make well-informed decisions for your business with a comprehensive dashboard that shows ongoing communication status and provides an overview of all messages, sent requests, and workflows. With our platform, you can be sure that your messages reach your target audience on time, every time. 

  • Use filters to sort by response options or metadata
  • Track message delivery and audience responses
  • Assign tasks to selected recipients
  • Respond or confirm with two-way messaging

Various applications in the platform

SMS Notifications

Inform and update customers or colleagues with smart and quick notifications directly from the platform's user interface or via SMS API in your existing application.

SMS staffing
SMS staffing

In the event of sudden staffing vacancies, automated SMS messages can streamline the staffing process by quickly sending job requests to staff members. Our platform offers a seamless way to manage your staffing needs and keep your team informed and engaged with automated SMS messages.

Lekab-Incident management
Incident management

Respond quickly to any incident, whether minor or major, with our incident management solution. Our platform enables you to allocate resources with ease and keep all stakeholders informed in real-time using multi-channel notifications. With streamlined incident management processes, you can ensure a fast and efficient response to any situation.

Reach the right person every time

With the web tool's intuitive and flexible messaging and escalation capabilities, you can ensure that the right individuals are notified precisely every time. Learn more about the platform's smart features.

Two-way communication

Allow your people to confirm their job shift or safety or provide details of critical events in progress.

Address book

It is easy to import contacts and add metadata to the address book. Keep your address book up-to-date automatically by integrating with, for example, existing HR or CRM systems.

Distribution lists and metadata

When your contacts in the address book are tagged with metadata, you can more easily address and filter a current list with the right recipients, as opposed to static distribution lists.

Multi-channel mailings

Send messages to mobiles via SMS, voice messaging, app or email and reach the right person. The platform knows who has downloaded the app and automatically chooses the best channel. Sensitive messages can be delivered encrypted to the app. Important information can be sent to multiple channels simultaneously.

Adhoc or mass mailings

Whether you're sending one SMS or one million, the platform's infrastructure is scalable. You can send separate messages to individuals, groups or send a mass mailing, for example, to all employees globally.

Templates for automated mailings

Create and save mailings as a template for different workflows. Then reuse the template when you need to and your next mailing will be even faster. You can include texts, completed recipient groups and escalation rules in each template.

Automated escalation

Set up smart escalation and rotation rules based on recipient metadata. Smart features for voice dialling are available to attract attention but not disturb unnecessarily.

Log function

Who did what? Who took which decision? When did the information come in? All information in the communication flow is logged in the system in real time and saved as a traceable event chain. The log can be monitored in real time and downloaded in the event of serious incidents for further reporting to, for example, management teams or government agencies.

Automated workflows

The platform has a unique and automated request process for different communication flows to resolve any problems that may arise in day-to-day operational activities. The automated flows facilitate flexible management. Automated responses keep all recipients kept updated on the mailing.

Our users

Every day, companies and organisations rely on our web messaging platform to engage with their audiences, delivering important messages directly to mobile devices. Our web tool is tailored for managers, leaders, system administrators, and communicators seeking quick and effortless communication with customers or employees. With our user-friendly platform, you can streamline your communication processes and ensure your message reaches its intended recipients


Users who keep the communication run smoothly

Our web-based tool ensures that HR, IT, operations, and security teams can communicate with employees at all times, even when normal channels are unavailable due to internet outages or other disruptions. Your messages will be delivered directly to employees' mobile phones, enabling you to maintain critical communication and keep everyone informed and connected, no matter what challenges arise.

Users include:

  • IT & operations
  • Incident- and emergency response 
  • Security
  • Operations
  • Schedulers
  • HR/Internal Communication
  • Customer Communication 
Lekab - kommunikationsplattformen är lämpad för dig som chef, ledare och informationsägare som behöver kommunicera snabbt mobila meddelanden.

Simplicity and security wrapped in a single tool

Integration and automation

Connect our communications platform with your existing systems such as CRM, HR, IT, ERP, bookingsystem or MarTech systems. Start pre-defined communication flows with a simple API call for a fully automated process and track the mailing status in the dashboard.



Gain valuable insights and improve your communication with SMS traffic monitoring. As an admin, track outgoing and incoming SMS traffic for specific accounts or your entire company. Analyze frequently used messages and templates by cost center, user, and recipient, and ensure high-quality address book data for better insights and effectiveness.






Security and authentication

One-time password or two-factor authentication with SMS (2FA) is an easy way to increase security and control access to the system, enhancing organisational security and protecting user privacy. Authentication can also be carried out using Single Sign On (SSO).


Benefits of the communication platform

User friendly

Easy to get started and simple to create contact lists, groups and predefined templates for different types of mailing.


The platform is configured to suit your business. You can create users and set different permissions within companies, groups, municipalities, regions or government agencies, thus maintaining control and creating security.

Security in Sweden

Data storage takes place in Sweden. The platform has built-in support for data protection officers in accordance with the GDPR and control and functionality for managing sensitive data, such as anonymisation.

Cost effective

Our communication platform is an enterprise platform with a scalable pricing model starting at a low cost per user. The cloud service requires fewer agreements and delivers an overall picture and control of message traffic and fixed costs.


You can send messages with high capacity directly from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. No installation is required since the communication platform is a cloud service.

Global reach-ikon-2022-01
Global reach

Our communication platform allows you to reach recipients around the world. Messages sent via the platform’s gateway reach recipients within seconds.

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