Create engaging customer dialogues with RCS

Rich Communication Services (RCS) allow you to send branded messages with rich content. You can create app-like experiences to improve and innovate both conversion and dialogue with your customers.

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Branded messages

Send customised branded messages with logo and colour for a better customer experience.

Rich media

Create engaging experiences via video, audio files, GIFs, geo-location directly in the message.

Verified sender

Send messages with a verified sender and make it clear which company the message is from.

Interactive response options

Create interactive response options and call-to-action buttons. For example, let the customer make a booking or purchase directly in the message.

Automated responses

Respond to the customer in seconds with pre-programmed responses.

Universal standard

No more apps. Communicate with your customers via their standard SMS channel and access anyone, anywhere – locally and globally.


RCS improves the customer experience of your messaging services

Create an app-like experience

RCS messaging provides a sophisticated, interactive, app-like experience. Grab your customers' attention and maintain engagement throughout the communication process.

Lekab-two-way SMS
Enhance two-way communications

Create two-way branded messages with chatbot, automation and smart two-way communication. Communicate with your customers directly in the moments that matter.


Optimise your campaigns

Get detailed information on how your customers behave. RCS provides real-time analyses showing delivery, interaction and opening rates.

What is RCS Business Messaging?

RCS, which stands for Rich Communication Services, is a new communication protocol between mobile phones and mobile networks. RCS offers enhanced functionality similar to modern messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Viber.

  • Compatible with Android

What does this mean for my company?

RCS gives you more opportunities to communicate securely with your customers directly in their pre-installed inbox. You can create modern messaging experiences and interact with your customers in a completely innovative way.

From customer service initiatives and marketing campaigns to regular notifications or pure transactions. Let the customer book, buy, respond with interactive buttons, and watch or listen directly to the message.

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RCS Business Messaging outperforms traditional channels


are more likely to buy online if they can ask questions in real time


are more likely to interact with a brand via RCS


RCS messages are read 35X more often than email

Questions & answers

How do I get started?

Contact us and we'll look at the right messaging solution for your company.

How much does it cost?

The RCS pricing model reflects the value of your brand and how and to what extent the technology can be integrated for each application. Pricing is also affected by the number of messages, sessions, active users, clicks, and views.

What is the difference between Google Business Message & Google RCS Business Messaging?

Google's RCS upgrades the SMS with brand, rich media, interactivity and analysis. RCS allows companies to create interactive mobile experiences via SMS. Google Business Message has the same functionality but is accessible when consumers use the Google search function.

Where is RCS supported?

Support for RCS is continuously growing. For more information, contact one of our experts

Is RCS reliable?

All senders must be registered and verified by the RCS service provider to ensure authentication. This is done to prevent fraud and create reliable communications. RCS is therefore an interesting alternative for sectors that send sensitive information to their customers.

How is RCS affected by GDPR?

GDPR and other new legislation have set privacy restrictions on how you can communicate with customers and prospects. Mobile users must choose to allow messages from companies. Android customers who have already selected SMS messages from a company will automatically receive the upgraded RCS experience.

How long a message can I send?

Unlike SMS, there is no limit of 160 characters. This makes the content of the message more robust.

What happens if the recipient's mobile don't support RCS?

Phones that aren’t yet compatible get an SMS instead.


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RCS enables more rich messages and is called the new generation of SMS. With better support for pictures, video and two-way communications, RCS becomes a viable alternative to apps – but without the need for the customer to download and install a dedicated service.

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