Send and receive text messages and get noticed immediately

SMS messages can be sent and received in several ways depending on how the message is to be used. Get up and running quickly and integrate SMS functionality into your systems via our APIs or by sending SMS directly from our cloud-based platform.

Reach your recipients directly in their mobile

When used correctly, SMS can cut through the noise and clutter and grab attention in a way that traditional channels don't.

Why should I communicate in the mobile?

Fast mobile communications create new communication opportunities and deliver valuable business results. You increase engagement and improve both service and business processes. Send messages locally and globally through our API or platform.


Improve communication and create engagement with SMS

Lekab-added value
Create added value

SMS is an effective communication channel with a high level of engagement. 90% of all SMS messages will be read within 90 seconds. Take advantage of the opportunity to create engagement and value for your customers and employees.

Lekab-realtime communication
Communicate in realtime

Mobile phones are always close at hand and we carry them everywhere. SMS is a fast, personal and direct way to connect and communicate with recipients.

Unlimited possibilities

With SMS messages, you can quickly send out everything from urgent and critical information, such as alerts, to offers and other customer communications. You can send directly to individual recipients or to multiple recipients at the same time.

Benefits and features


Integrate or send from the cloud

SMS can be integrated into existing systems and processes or sent directly from our cloud-based platform with an easy-to-use web interface.

SMS with features

You can easily personalise your message and allow your customers to send you SMS messages. Receive messages through your preferred channel or combine multiple channels.

Two-way communication with SMS

Two-way SMS is a requirement for dialogue with recipients. This makes the contact more personal. Interact with and engage customers or employees and create dialogue regardless of the situation.


The power of SMS messaging


SMS opening rates are as high as 98%


90% open and read SMS messages within 3 minutes


Compared to email with a 20% opening rate

What can I use SMS for?


Inform and update all recipients with SMS: Customers, employees or teams. Notifications can be used for bookings, reminders and much more.

Lekab-SMS-delivery notices
Delivery notices

Send SMS messages and notify your customers of delivery and parcel tracking. Automate confirmations and updates with integration for increased productivity.


SMS marketing is a cost-effective addition to other digital channels. SMS has a higher opening percentage and can drive both sales and conversion.

Feedback & surveys

Better understand your customers and employees by receiving and managing feedback through SMS surveys. It is the most effective way to collect feedback and quickly resolve issues.

Employee communication

Inform and update your employees or teams with SMS. Remind about upcoming meetings, important events or welcome new employees.


There is no need to stop your business due to illness or sudden absence. Call in the right people with the right skills quickly using SMS and smart rule-based flows.


SMS alerts can be used to communicate malfunctions and to communicate directly with employees, citizens and others. Quickly send important updates that require immediate attention.

Crisis communication

Communicate quickly and send SMS or voice messages to quickly mobilise crisis response teams, provide internal information and address concerns.


Protect your data with SMS using one-time passwords (OTP) for two-factor authentication (2FA).

Smart SMS features

SMS to voicemail

Send SMS directly from systems and applications or use one of our SMS tools. Voice messages work well in critical situations and for people with impairments.

Automated SMS

Automatically send messages quickly and efficiently. Use rule-based triggers to save time and optimise processes.

Sender name and Custom ID

Select which sender you want for your mailings. For example, you can use an alphanumeric sender a-z A-Z 0-9 (3-11 characters) or numeric sender 0-9 (3-15 characters).

Personalised SMS

Enter parameters to personalise your messages

Short or long numbers

Personal speed dials or long numbers allow you to interact with your customers via SMS.

Dedicated numbers

A dedicated or shared speed dial with keywords is easy to remember and send to.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS or so-called mass SMS is used for sending thousands or millions of messages to recipients who usually wish to be included in a contact list. Unsolicited messages can be seen as a form of spamming. Our SMS cloud service has unlimited capacity and is scalable.

Email to SMS

Send SMS messages to one or more recipients at the same time directly from your email and receive SMS messages directly to your email.

Number tracking

The service includes number tracking according to the E164 standard, which automatically tracks fixed network numbers. Support for white-listing and black-listing, e.g. numbers, number series and countries.

Group mailings

Reach out with information to a large group of recipients or a precise selection based on combinations of the recipients' metadata.

Scheduled SMS mailings

Set time rules for when SMS messages can be sent and when they should be queued to ensure they reach the recipient at the right time.


Security required to validate the sender's identity is provided through WS-security, and the connection to the gateway is through HTTPS.

Statistics and reports

Reports with statistics can be generated automatically based on your needs at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. Reports show delivery statistics and traffic usage by your users.

Reach your recipients in the channels they prefer and use every day

No matter where your customers and employees are in the world, you can communicate with text and voice messages. You can send personal messages to your customers using their preferred channel. Explore the possibilities based on your sector or your needs.

Discover the new RCS format

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a communications protocol that enables more content-rich mobile messages. RCS offers more features than a standard 160-character SMS text message. 

RCS lets you create and send branded, rich content, multimedia and more, combined with interactivity and analysis. RCS combines the already popular text message channel with a visually rich message format to deliver more engaging customer experiences.


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Global reach, scalability and quality

Send messages locally and globally through our API or platform. Our infrastructure covers over 220 countries and 1000+ networks, reaching 6 billion mobile users. Our SMS gateway is built to handle large numbers of messages with the highest quality and global reach.

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How to choose the right provider?

Business-critical messages should reach the right recipient at the right time. In this guide, we have listed what you should consider when choosing an SMS provider.

  • Scalability and direct routes
  • Capacity and delivery
  • How a 1% lower delivery rate affects direct and indirect delivery costs

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