Inform and update your contacts with SMS notices and notifications

Notifications allow you to quickly send out the right message at the right time via our APIs or directly from our cloud-based platform.

Inform and update with smart and fast notifications

Notifications let you communicate with recipients quickly and easily, no matter what industry your company is in. SMS notifications create a direct contact with your recipients, enhancing the service and quality experience of your company's services.

How can I use notifications?

Notifications can be used in many ways. Among other things, you can confirm your purchase, inform about delivery time, or send information about updated terms and conditions and changed status. Many also use notifications to send timed reminders of booked time and outstanding payments. Security, one-time password, or two-factor authentication notifications are also common.


Benefits of SMS notifications

Automated communications flows

Notifications allow you to automate mobile communications with customers and contacts. Send confirmations, cancellations, activations, alerts, reminders and alerts for all business areas.

Lekab-convenient channel
Relevant content in a convenient channel

Personalise communication and ensure that the right messages reach the recipients at the right time. You can give recipients exactly what they need when they need it - in a channel that is always convenient for them.

Exceed the recipient’s expectations

Engage the recipient and remind them of important events with helpful SMS messages. Share information that the recipient values and that helps the recipient.

Create a seamless customer experience

Interact with customers through alerts and notifications. Tailored messages are more likely to be read. Send images, colors, videos, GIFS, CTA buttons and more to increase your customers' engagement. Personalising your communication and delivering tailored messages increases engagement on sendings and campaigns, such as open rate and CTR.

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Reach your customers in the right channel

No matter where in the world your customers are, we can enable digital communication on your mobile through text messaging. You can build relationships with your customers using their preferred channel – SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Viber or other OTT channels – using our modern and reliable APIs and mobile services.

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