SMS notifications

Keep your contacts in
the loop with SMS

Send SMS notifications to enhance customer satisfaction. Reduce the number of no-shows and improve customer experience with reminders, confirmations, delivery notices and more.
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Get attention every time

SMS has an impressive 98% open rate, meaning text messages land directly in your recipients hand, impossible to ignore.

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Increase customer loyalty

Relevant messages lead to higher engagement. Boost open and read rates with personalisation using variables like [Name], [Date], [Order number] and more. 

Reduce no-shows

Send automated SMS reminders to keep customers informed about upcoming appointments and bookings.

Enhance customer experience with proactive communication

Notify your recipients of important events through helpful SMS notifications that provide valuable information to enhance their experience. SMS notifications let you communicate with recipients quickly and easily, especially in:

  • Retail & ecommerce
  • Logistics & transport
  • Finance & banking
  • IT & Telecom
  • Healthcare
SMS notifications

Save time & resources with automation

Increase revenue & productivity with timely automated SMS notifications. Missed bookings and meetings can be a waste of time and internal personnel resources and extremely costly, depending on the industry. Utilise this messaging functionality to speed up responses and save time:

  • Automated workflows
  • Pre-made or custom templates
  • Auto-reply
  • Keywords
  • URL links
Dentist automated SMS

Connect in your audience’s preferred channel

Ensure the right messages reach your recipients at the right time.

  • SMS


    Reach anyone, anytime, anywhere. Mobile phones, our constant companions, have made SMS a preferred communication channel for businesses worldwide.

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    Elevate your business communication with the next generation of SMS. RCS goes beyond text, offering a dynamic and engaging way to connect.

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  • Whatsapp for business

    WhatsApp for Business

    Revolutionise customer engagement with WhatsApp. Leverage feature-rich messaging, personalised communication and customisable profiles.

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  • Facebook messenger

    Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger offers real-time communication, automated responses, and seamless transactions – enhancing customer interactions and your business processes.

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  • Rich channels

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    Explore additional channels to find and learn about the perfect messaging channel for your audience.

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