SMS Gateway

Integrate SMS into any business system

SMS Gateway offers integration through a variety of SMS APIs to enable your applications and systems to send and receive quality SMS messages globally.


SMS Gateway is built with high levels of security, availability and stability. The service is based on a redundant architecture of server clusters to ensure availability. Operation is constant and automatically monitored and the infrastructure has separate ISO-certified data centres.

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SMS Gateway is a scalable service that can handle large volumes of SMS messages, whether you're sending bulk SMS messages or individual messages to a wide range of recipients. You can always be sure your messages will be delivered thanks to our routes and 100% uptime.

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Global reach

Through our SMS Gateway, you can reach 6 billion mobile subscribers on 1451 networks that are deployed by 955 operators in 243 countries.

Reach your recipients in the channels they use

Communicate with your customers and recipients through a channel they can't miss and do it through your existing application. No matter where your customers and employees are in the world, you can communicate with them on their mobile using text messages. Our SMS API:s makes it easy for you to reach recipients from your existing technical infrastructure.

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Integrate SMS functionality into your systems and applications

SMS Gateway is a scalable cloud service that can be integrated into your company's business systems or software applications. The service is easy to integrate through our SMS API:s and can be used with applications such as:

  • CRM-systems
  • Marketing & campaign-systems
  • HRM-systems
  • ERP-systems
  • Booking systems
  • Communication servers
  • And more!
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Our flexible SMS gateway APIs include REST API with JSON, Web Services (SOAP / XML), Batch API, SMPP, SMTP, and HTTP GET. We use Swagger and OpenAPI to facilitate the integration work.

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We have the ability to make adapt to specific requirements and we help with the integration regardless of platform, system and tools.

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SMS Gateway features

Incoming SMS

Receive SMS messages directly to your system or application. Send automated replies and make sure that the incoming SMS message triggers the correct process.

Outgoing SMS

Send SMS messages directly from your company's systems and applications or use one of our SMS tools.

Two-way SMS

Receive and track responses to your SMS messages. Even if you've sent the same SMS message to multiple recipients, you can see exactly which SMS message your replies relate to.

Bulk SMS

With Bulk SMS, you can send a million SMS in less than an hour, which is suitable for large companies. Decide the time and day when the dispatch will take place.

Speed dials

Dedicated or shared speed dials with keywords are easy to remember and send to.


SMS Gateway automatically splits and combines long SMS messages, both incoming and outgoing.


You can use quotas. This allows you to have better control over the use of SMS Gateway and SMS management if you are a large number of users.

Stop list

Only send the type of messages that the recipient consented to when opting in.

Time rules

You can set rules for when text messages can be sent and when they should be queued. This ensures messages reach the recipients at the right time.

Alphanumeric sender

With an alphanumeric sender, your text messages are easier to recognise by your recipients.


To validate the sender's identity, it is possible to generate your own API keys for REST API. SOAP / XML uses WS security. The connection to the gateway is via HTTPS.

Are you a developer?

We help you with documentation, code examples and pre-sales support.

How to choose the right provider

Quality is important to us. Messages should reach the right recipient at the right time. This guide describes what to consider when choosing your SMS solution provider.

  • Scalability and direct routes
  • Capacity and delivery
  • How a 1% lower delivery rate affects direct and indirect delivery costs
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Send SMS directly from your computer

Our communication platform is the fastest and easiest way to send SMS messages online, if you want to send the message yourself. You quickly reach out with information to customers and employees from our userinterface.

You can choose to send to single people or reach out to multiple people at once using group text messages. Use the online platform anywhere, anytime, from any device you want. All you need is a web browser. We've designed the service to be easy to use and easy to get started with.

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