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Smart Messaging

We develop and offer smart cloud-based solutions for mobile communications and business process automation – we call it Smart Messaging.

We facilitate and accelerate mobile communications and digital transformation

We offer a communications platform, ready-made solutions with rule-based workflows and APIs that streamline and digitise business processes and communications. 

From need to solution – we're here to help

We don't expect you to know everything about mobile communications. We are attentive and invest time in understanding your challenges in order to provide a future-proof solution.

Based on your company’s needs, we create customisable and scalable solutions that can grow and change with your business requirements. We work with a long-term perspective and also serve as advisors and system integrators.




Benefits of Smart Messaging

Lekab-smart messaging
Proven and flexible solutions

We provide pre-built messaging solutions that we continuously enhance and customize to align with the specific requirements and preferences of your company, regardless of your industry.

Integration and process automation

We integrate messaging functionality into your business systems and automate processes, allowing you to concentrate your time on tasks that generate business value

Get immediate results

Efficient and reliable communication processes increase efficiency, productivity and sales, which in turn strengthen both the customer experience and the brand.



Solutions for your sector

Each company works differently and each sector has its own requirements. If you have specific needs, we have the team to customise solutions without compromising your business. We work with customers in different sectors – from solutions to complex problems to simple but effective automation. Our largest customers are found in:

  • Bank & Insurance
  • Retail & Ecommerce
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Healthcare & Public Sector

Optimised and simplified business processes 

Communication solutions often need to be integrated with systems that contain contact or customer data and business processes. 

How does our integration work?

Our communication platform and gateway can be quickly and easily integrated into applications and systems via standard interfaces and APIs. Our integration team can optimise business processes by integrating virtually any system. 


The mobile channels of the future

The next generation of mobile channels and interactive messaging services create new opportunities for businesses to engage and interact with their recipients using richer content and an app-like experience.

As of today, your company can communicate via your customer’s favored channel. You can use a range of options from WhatsApp Business, Viber, Messenger to Rich SMS and RCS.

What is RCS?

The new RCS (Rich Communication Services) format is the future of mobile communications, offering interesting features including images and video, read receipts, verified sender, and the ability for the user to interact and respond through ready-made button selections.

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We're here to help 

Mobile channels offer unique benefits in communication. With our products and services, your business can efficiently cut through the noise.

If you want to use SMS and modern messaging services but don't have the resources to develop, test and distribute the workflows you need, our developers and experts will help. We can quickly and nimbly test new ideas to meet your communication needs.

Being our customer means we offer the support you need. If needed, our support services are available 24/7 to answer your questions.


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