Job requests

Make staffing and calling in personnel more efficient

SMS or voice messaging via our communication platform Incidit makes it easier and faster to call in the right skills when a sudden vacancy occurs.

Rapid staffing with SMS, voicemail or app

The Incidit communication platform allows you to send messages easily and quickly via SMS, voice or app. The platform optimises staffing management, helping to save significant time, improve service levels and freeing up you and your colleagues to focus on other tasks. The service meets the most stringent demands for security, accessibility and stability

How does it work?

Staffing management uses a unique, automated and rule-based request process with a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to get started and keep track of the job requests you have sent out. You can call in the skills you need at a moment’s notice using your mobile. All you need is a cloud service for different communication flows. 


Benefits of job requests via SMS

Staff optimisation

Your business does not have to stop due to illness or sudden absence. Effortlessly fill open shifts with text messages. By enabling you to call in the right people right away, you maintain continuity in your business.

Free up time and resources

Messages are sent out automatically. This means you save time and resources that are otherwise required to call in personnel. Ensuring clear communications also becomes a lot easier. Not least when it is urgent and the information is critical.

Reducing costs

Time is money. Optimising staffing and resource utilisation processes saves you time and money, which contributes to more sustainable finances.

Call in staff at a moment’s notice

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What can I do?

The Incidit communication platform and the job request solution allow you to:

  • Quickly find replacements for an open shift
  • Filter by skill, availability, language and more
  • Set up smart rules such as escalation and rotation
  • Create templates for different job requests
  • Get immediate responses from employees
  • See current workflows, responses received and status in real time
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Areas and applications

Healthcare & welfare services

With automated SMS mailings for calling in personnel, the staffing process in the healthcare sector can be streamlined.

Aviation & transport

Automated SMS mailings for last-minute staffing allows airlines to operate scheduled flights.

Retail & warehouse

Automated SMS-based job requests can streamline the staffing process for stores and warehouse staff.

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