Email SMS

Send and receive SMS messages directly in the email

With SMS by email you can easily send SMS messages to one or more people at the same time directly from your email.

Send messages to all your contacts

Email SMS is a cloud service that you can use to send and receive SMS messages directly in your email. You send your message as an email and the message is then converted to an SMS message and forwarded to the recipient's mobile phone. You can also receive SMS messages to your email.

Who can I send SMS messages via email to?

You can send a message to all of your contacts. You can use your common address lists, groups etc. because you are using your normal email program with the product.


Benefits of Email SMS

Works with any email application

You can use any email program you want and you use the same functions for contacts as for your regular email. You don't need to install anything to get started.

You can both send and receive

You can both send and receive SMS messages via your email. When you receive an SMS message, it is converted to an email that is forwarded to you. Numbers for incoming SMS and linked to your account.

All communication in one place

By integrating SMS with your email service, you gather all your communications in one place.

We simplify your mobile communications with your customers

Two-way SMS

Two-way SMSYou can use the cloud service with two-way SMS. This sends replies to your SMS messages to your email along with the original message. You can also receive replies to SMS messages sent from different email addresses in your inbox.

Long SMS messages

You can send long messages of up to 804 characters. Long messages are divided into multiple SMS messages that are reassembled on the recipient's phone without you having to do anything.

SMS Gateway

Email SMS uses our SMS Gateway service to send and receive SMS messages through an SMTP connection. Connect your other systems and applications. We support a wide range of APIs. We are happy to assist you with your integration project.

Global reach-ikon-2022-01
Global coverage

With Email SMS, you can send SMS messages to approximately 6 billion subscribers in 243 countries around the world directly from your email. Works directly with all email clients, both local and web-based, no installation required.

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