About us

We are experts in mobile communications

"We offer and develop digital solutions and tools that enable businesses to automate and streamline communication through mobile channels, enhancing overall efficiency.

We know mobile communications

Since 1994, we have helped companies communicate with their customers, employees and stakeholders.  We develop and integrate smart solutions and services for mobile communication and process automation for several of the largest companies in the Nordic region. 

We have extensive experience of helping Enterprise customers in different sectors increase their productivity, sales and accessibility.

The secret of our success

The key to our success is the philosophy that guides us in the solutions we develop for our customers – technology alone is not enough. At least as important is our unique expertise in offering solutions that streamline business processes and engage recipients. All sectors are different. We want to understand the customer's needs and if necessary adapt our solutions.


We are particularly effective when companies demand global delivery, where they want to reach customers in several countries and SMS quality is crucial.



We empower businesses to effectively communicate and engage with their customers, employees or target audiences

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Who we are

We are a business messaging and communication solutions provider that helps companies communicate  with their recipients using mobile channels. 

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What do we do?

We want to make a difference for our customers by being a reliable consultant, partner and technology supplier.

Why we do it

We are passionate about mobile communications and problem solving and want to deliver automated smart messaging that help you drive sales, streamline processes engage your customers and grow your business. 

We are a business messaging solution provider

Our cloud-based communications platform allows your business to quickly and easily access all mobile phones in the world via text and voice messaging. The platform can be integrated into your internal and external communications flows and business processes. We know how to integration SMS  functionality into existing business processes to maximise business value.  

We want it to be reliable
and easy to have the same platform, gateway and messaging service provider.

How are our solutions provided?

The solutions are delivered through a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) model with the highest standards of security and reliability. No need to worry about version upgrades. New features are introduced automatically, and our platform scales to work in enterprise environments with high operational and security requirements.


We are passionate about mobile communications, problem solving and automation

We work with customers in different sectors and are often entrusted with advising and proposing or adapting solutions for our customers. 

Our head office is located in Stockholm. We also have an office in Malmö and Vantaa close to Helsinki. Our colleagues in Finland work with solutions in both Smart Messaging and Hyper Automation.

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