Mats Engström appointed new CEO at LEKAB

Mats Engström assumed the position on September 1st, replacing the current CEO and majority owner Fredrik Ramén.

Mats Engström comes most recently from the position of Head of Sales at LEKAB. Mats has many years of leadership experience, most recently as CEO at Aros Bygg & Förvaltning, CEO and Group CEO at Confidence International. Mats has also worked in senior commercial roles at Spring Mobil, OnePhone and MCI Worldcom.

Fredrik Ramén, chairman of the board, congratulates Mats Engström: 

"I am very pleased with the appointment of Mats Engström as the new CEO of LEKAB. He is a strong leader with deep IT and telecom industry insights. Mats has a clear customer focus, and he will be a significant asset in strengthening LEKAB's business strategy, corporate culture, and operational efficiency. Mats has the experience and skills to handle the task – to future-proof the company's growth journey in the Nordics."

Mats Engström looks forward to developing the company:

"I look forward to gaining extended trust after 1.5 years at LEKAB – to lead a competent organisation that has delivered very strong results over several years. I am inspired by the market potential within Business Messaging, where our main task and largest business is helping our corporate customers simplify and automate their communication processes using SMS and other mobile messaging channels. It feels very exciting to develop the company in collaboration with the entire team.

With the appointment of Mats Engström, Fredrik Ramén will continue as CEO and Chairman of the Board for LEKAB's holding company Bakel AB.

LEKAB Communications System AB is a system and service provider offering smart messaging solutions with global reach. LEKAB enable businesses and organisations to communicate quickly and securely with their customers and employees via mobile messages and voice. LEKAB's communication platform is provided as a cloud service for managing and distributing SMS and rich messages with high standards for reliability and security. LEKAB was founded in 1994 and is based in Stockholm.