Send and receive messages globally with SMS API

Our SMS Gateway can deliver messages globally from your existing applications and business systems.

SMS API for simpler messaging

Connect your existing software, website CRM or application to our SMS API to send text messages worldwide.

Seamless SMS integration

  • Multiple APIs to choose from
  • Easy to get started
  • Complete sample code for developers
  • Stable and secure delivery
  • Multiple programming languages

Our APIs are easy to integrate. Our Enterprise API handles all the volumes of messages your business needs to send.

Rich messages
SMS, rich and interactive messages

Send SMS with or without a landing page. With our Messaging APIs, you can also send rich messages via OTT channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram

Global reach-ikon-2022
Global reach

Send quick and high-quality mobile messages to customers and recipients around the world.

Integration & customisation

We are happy to help integrate our messaging API:s into your existing applications and adapt solutions to suit the specific needs of your business. We continuously develop new APIs in order to constantly meet your needs and wishes as a customer. 


About Smart Messaging

Gain access our web tool for business messaging

As a customer, you can access our comprehensive cloud-based web tool designed to facilitate efficient business messaging and analytics. With our web tool you can send and receive messages directly from our intuitive user interface. Our tool offers contact importation, message template creation and a dashboard for user management and reports.

Learn more about our Platform>>
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Reach your customers in the right channel

No matter where in the world your customers are, we can enable digital mobile communication through text messaging and reach your customers in the channel they prefer - SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Viber or other OTT channels – using our modern and reliable APIs and mobile services.

Read more about RCS and OTT channels>>

Frequently asked questions about the SMS API

What is an SMS API?

An SMS API is pre-defined instructions (a kind of software service) that enables your systems and applications to send SMS messages globally via an SMS Gateway.

How do I get started?

To access LEKAB’s SMS API, you must first create an account. It takes less than a minute to create one. This gives you access to the API keys that you can use to integrate the API. Make sure you have also added all your contact information to your account.

Is it possible to send Mass SMS or so-called Bulk SMS via the SMS API?

You can send mass SMS by connecting to our platform and one of the available APIs, such as SMPP, HTTP or REST API. For more information, see the Developer page.

How do I integrate an SMS Gateway?

Our powerful SMS gateway is capable of integrating SMS functionality into applications, websites, CRM, ERP and other software. Our team of mobile communications specialists has many years of experience integrating complex messaging requirements into existing systems. If you need integration with our platform, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss the solution best suited to your specific needs.

Where can I find the SMS API technical documentation?

You can find the technical documentation under Developer.

Can I schedule mailings?

All SMS APIs support scheduled delivery times and validity periods.

Are you a developer?

We have collected all the technical documentation you need to use our APIs.

How to choose the right provider

Quality is important to us. Messages should reach the right recipient at the right time. This guide describes what to consider when choosing your SMS provider.

  • Scalability and direct routes
  • Capacity and delivery
  • How a 1% lower delivery rate affects direct and indirect delivery costs

Download the guide

Want to know more about our SMS API or talk to an messaging expert?

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