2020, the year Covid-19 accelerated digitalisation

2020 is the year when the world suddenly changed due to covid-19. Both companies and private life were forced to switch and digitize in a very short time. After a turbulent time, we landed in the new "normal". For most companies, the corona pandemic has changed the way we meet and relate to our customers. Some companies have even had to adjust their business models to new customer behaviors and at the same time drive digitalisation forward.

The pandemic has put IT and Digital Communication in focus and many companies and organizations have understood the importance of investing at an even higher rate in modern technology such as moving to the cloud, integrated digital platforms, automation and the importance of understanding data to remain relevant and competitive in the new market.

Get attention on messages that matters with our web platform

At LEKAB , we have during the year worked hard with our new CPaaS platform for communication, business messaging and distribution (in the cloud). Mobile communication, can help both companies and organizations to increase the efficiency and productivity of the business and the engagement of both employees and customers.

The mobile phone is an important news channel that can be used for effective communication. It should be easy to send messages to the right person regardless of whether it is an important or urgent, using communication flows, tags and filters via SMS, App or voice depending on the situation.

At LEKAB we are proud to have a broad and deep expertise in business messaging services and automated communication and our offer ranges from digital faxes, to our SMS Gateway service and now also our CPaaS solution for digital and efficient mobile communication.

Coming up 2021

As we enter 2021, we will continue to focus on driving value to our clients and invest in new initiatives to strengthen our product portfolio. In 2021 we plan to roll out RCS (Rich Communication Services). To offer all our customers the opportunity to give their recipients an even better experience and communication with the opportunity for 2-way dialogue, call-to-action buttons, links, maps, video and much more. A big advantage is that RCS messages are secured with verified sender, which means that the recipient can always trust the communication source.

A dizzying year is coming to an end and it feels good to look forward to a new brighter year. We'll be back with more news and exciting updates in 2021.

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With all that said, we only have one thing left. And that is to say thank you to all of our customers, partners, friends and followers.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
from LEKAB


We are proud to be supporting the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund this Christmas and have made a donation to help and support families and contribute to paediatric cancer research with the aim of eradicating childhood cancer