Efficient staffing in healthcare with automated SMS solutions

With automated text messages for summoning staff, healthcare can be made more efficient and therefore more lives can be saved. Tools based on SMS can be used to quickly call in reinforcement staff at incidents as well as to manage all parts of the care-chain.

The opportunities to improve and streamline staffing in healthcare are extensive. Today, a lots of the people in charge are forced to wrestle with manual systems and contact registers when they need to call in reinforcement staff quickly. With an SMS-based solution for sending out inquiries and receiving answers, a lot of time can be saved as a summons process that previously took a very long time, can now go as fast as one minute.

In prehospital care, these are almost always time-critical processes. When extra staff is needed due to accidents, it have to be possible to get the right people in place, quickly. You can’t lose time due to poor solutions and outdated technology. Therefore, it becomes very important to streamline processes and flows.

The right staff in place, quick and easy with SMS-request

In order to quickly reach healthcare staff, smooth and fast processes are well needed. Regardless of the right type of staff or situation - SMS are a good approach. Using an SMS-solution for summoning reinforcement staff at critical events means that ambulances and medical staff can be in the right place quickly. 

The aim of the services we’ve developed is to be able to quickly provide the entire care-chain with staff when and where it is needed. This applies both to the summoning of reinforcement staff at critical events but also to more generic work requests. It have to be quick and easy to staff all roles in healthcare, so time can be spent on other than administrative chores. 

In addition to healthcare-professionals, management teams may also need rapid staffing at critical events in healthcare. Although it may never be as time-critical as it is to call in nurses, a flexible and SMS solution can be invaluable even when the management team needs to be strengthened.

SMS - a valuable tool in critical situations

Regardless of whether it is an urgent matter of strengthening the staff at an emergency department or manning an ambulance before an emergency call, SMS is a very good alternative. The fact that almost every single person has their mobile phone easily accessible at all hours of the day makes SMS one of the safest ways to reach the recipient directly.

With an automated solution based on SMS ensures that mailings and inquiries go out in connection with alarms. As well as smart contact registers and filtering options, the work will be much easier for those who need to reach out with the information. In this way, the administrative work takes less time and energy and the more effort can be put into actually saving lives.

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