Strengthen your customer relationships with SMS

More and more retailers and e-commerce players use SMS to strengthen customer relationships. What is the reason behind the growing interest in SMS services?

An incredible amount of change has taken place in the retail industry during the last decade. New technologies and digital platforms have made it easier for businesses to offer their products and services online. Our purchasing behavior as consumers has changed, and the shopping journey looks completely different today than in the past. For example, we browse products  online before buying them in store, and vice versa. We also use our smartphones to find more information about products while we’re looking at them in the store. We use different channels – the internet, the physical stores, our smartphones etc– which means we shop in entirely different ways than we used to in the past.

New opportunities and new challenges

For retailers, the new opportunities also mean new challenges. New tools and a new game plan lower the barriers for new players. E-commerce is growing fast. Local retailers face competition not only from domestic players but also from international players who offer their products and services online. 

It’s natural to ask how today’s retailers should act in order to maintain their competitiveness and be able to grow their businesses.

The key to success is to continue the work that many retailers are already good at - building close and long-lasting customer relationships. A competitive price and great product aren’t enough. The winner will be the one who provides the best customer experience. A close and personalized customer dialogue is becoming more important than ever. It is important to be where the customer is looking, regardless of time and place, physically or digitally and to create customer experiences that make it easy to buy.

The mobile phone's increasing importance for retailers

In the consumer’s life, the mobile phone has a unique position. For most of us, its an obvious too in everyday life including shopping. We use our phones to find information before a purchase, to pay and as a carrier of everything from discount coupons, tickets, invites and to membership cards.

The mobile phone is like a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. It is an important tool for creating multi-channel buying experiences that simplify, inspire, and engage consumers,

One way to take advantage of the mobilephone is to use SMS in the dialogue with the customer. SMS is a long-established communication channel. It is the simplicity, flexibility, and effectiveness of SMS that makes more and more businesses interested in using it.

SMS is a standard function that works on all phones, regardless of mobile operator or network. The fact that an SMS in its basic form has a 160 character limit is no obstacle. It is the simple, clear, direct and concise message that is one of the reasons why nearly all SMS being sent are read by the recipients. An SMS reaches your target groups directly on their phones, without the need for an app or the barrier of email filters.

SMS – part of retailers’ multichannel strategy

Each channel has its benefits! The road to success for retail is a comprehensive strategy for all communication channels including SMS. A multi-channel strategy that offers customer dialogue in the mobile increases the chance to engage customers and a good customer experience is crucial for additional sales and customer satisfaction.

Start a personalized dialogue with the customer on the mobile today

With SMS, you can create a cutting edge dialogue with the customer to increase both sales and the customer experience. Get started quickly with LEKAB's communication platform or integrate an SMS service into your existing system; CRM, Loyalty programs, Campaign Tool etc. LEKAB offers SMS api:s to all mobile channels and powered with our cloud-based communication platform, enterprises can reach any mobile phone on the planet – within a second or two.

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