SMS Sender ID Protection: Safeguard your Business

Discover the importance of SMS Sender ID Protection in safeguarding your business against rising cyber threats. Explore key aspects and benefits, and learn how to register your Sender ID for enhanced brand authenticity.

Understanding SMS Sender ID Protection

The Sender ID is the face of your business in SMS communication, representing your brand to recipients. However, its visibility makes it vulnerable to misuse by malicious entities.

Some dishonest practices involve entities pretending to be authentic by sending text messages with fake discount offers that may harm receivers. The aim is often to extract information or money from the victim. This post explains how Sender ID protection safeguards your brand from smishing (SMS phishing) scams, ensuring its authenticity and trustworthiness.

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The role of Sender ID in building trust and credibility

Your chosen Sender ID, e.g., "LEKAB", is a direct representation of your brand identity. Sender ID protection prevents unauthorised use of your brand name or number, building trust and credibility in your communication.

Mitigating spoofing and SMS phishing risks

Spoofed messages and smishing attempts pose significant threats to your brand's reputation and the security of sensitive information, potentially causing harm to your customers in various ways. Understand the differences between spoofing and smishing, as each carries unique risks and implications for businesses.

Spoofed messages impersonate a business by using the same Sender ID, tricking people and harming your brand's credibility. Smishing, on the other hand, tricks people into clicking bad links that can harm their devices or take them to fake websites. SMS number spoofing can be used for a good cause, not just for harmful purposes. Businesses may use it for branding consistency, but it becomes a security concern when misused.

Sender ID protection is a robust defence mechanism, that prevents unauthorised parties from impersonating your business. By registering your Sender ID, you reduce the chance of being deceived by scams and protect your business and customers.

How to register your SMS Sender ID

Register your Sender ID by contacting a business messaging solution provider like LEKAB, which is eligible to register your specified Sender ID with mobile operators. The SMS transmissions will be blocked if the messaging provider is not pre-approved within the mobile network.

To verify your business, you need to submit the necessary documents and get approval for using a specific Sender ID. This includes checking message content. By protecting your Sender ID, you safeguard your brand, build trust, and ensure reliable customer interactions. 

The steps to implement and protect your Sender ID

1. Get in touch with an SMS provider.
2. Define and verify your brand and specific Sender ID with the help of your SMS provider. 
3. Apply to get authorisation to send messages.
4. Send your first message with a protected Sender ID. 

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