Provide great customer experiences through new messaging channels 2022!

There are plenty of messaging channels you can choose from, when you want to connect and build loyalty with your customers. But how do you find a messaging channel that works for your customers – and your business?

The customers of today expects a frictionless customer experience online and offline - whether making a complaint, canceling a service or enquiring about stock levels. Every touch point with a customer is an opportunity to generate sales, build loyalty and grow your company's reputation and brand. Surveying your customers can help you find the right messaging channels. Customers expect to be able to contact a company from a channel of their choosing at a time of their convenience. According to a study made by Salesforce, customers of today expect consistent interactions across departments regardless of the communication method or entry point.  


“Also worth to know is that business buyers’ expectations mirror consumer expectations for company interactions"

Automate & personalise the message where possible

One of the best ways to optimise these interactions is to automate the communication process and personalize the message where possible. Automated responses allow customers to select from a range of options, with the added benefit of zero wait time. Customer service agents are freed from answering simple questions and can focus on customers with more complex questions and needs instead.

Contact centres have a lot to learn from innovations in the retail sector. Retailers have been tapping into conversational commerce; communications tools that allow customer-facing brands to initiate personalised conversations with customers. Conversational commerce includes everything from bots and voice assistants, to chat apps and integrations with popular messaging services including WhatsApp and Messenger.

Chatbot development derive from the automation and AI revolution, and can be instrumental in delivering the next level of customer service. With a chatbot, customers are able to resolve their own queries, while gaining the benefits of a personalised and interactive service. It helps contact centres to filter and analyse customer needs prior to engagement with the agent.

Reach your recipients in the channels they prefer and use every day.  

There’s a lot to keep in mind when choosing a messaging channel to serve your customers’ needs - B2C or B2B. Independent on the size of your organization, the industry sector you operate in, and the geographies you serve.  If you want to use SMS or modern messaging channels, but don’t have the resources to develop, integrate, test and distribute the automated workflows you need, our developers and experts will help you to meet your communication needs. We are here to help.

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