Breaking barriers: Apple joins the RCS revolution on Iphone in 2024

In 2024, Apple plans to introduce RCS messaging on iPhones, answering a long-awaited demand. Unlike prior resistance, this announcement reflects a shift in Apple's strategy. The move ensures improved multimedia communication between iOS and Android users while maintaining iMessage and Apple Messaging for Business.

#GetTheMessage campaign influence?

The decision aligns with the GSMA RCS standard rather than Google's RCS, sidestepping Google's "green vs blue" debate. The impending upgrade assures that while Apple users can continue sending iMessages within their iOS ecosystem, interactions with non-iOS devices will witness a notable improvement. The upgrade promises enhanced messaging features like higher-quality media sharing, read receipts, and cost-efficient data-based messaging. Previously, attempting to share media across different operating systems often resulted in downgrading to SMS or MMS, limiting the user experience.

GSMA RCS vs Google RCS

Yet, the integration of RCS on Apple devices sheds light on certain limitations. Notably, the end-to-end encryption in Google's RCS does not mirror the GSMA RCS standard. This nuanced difference adds consideration for users valuing encrypted messaging.

GSMA RCS vs Google RCS

While GSMA RCS and Google RCS share a foundational feature set, Google RCS, implemented explicitly in the Android Messages app, introduces supplementary features designed to elevate the user experience. These additions, such as enhanced media sharing and smart replies, demonstrate Google's commitment to providing users with advanced and intuitive messaging functionalities beyond the industry-standard baseline defined by GSMA RCS.

Impact on OTT Apps and Business messaging

With approximately 1.2 billion devices supporting RCS worldwide, Apple's move acknowledges the growing significance of this messaging standard. Despite the positive implications of Apple's decision, questions linger about its impact on OTT apps and the broader business messaging landscape. While messaging giants like WhatsApp may remain relatively unaffected for now, especially in South America, Europe, and Asia, the alignment of Google and Apple could pose challenges for Meta and other messaging companies.

The move by Apple, driven by user experience and potential regulatory pressures, heralds a new era for messaging. For businesses, the spotlight now turns to rich business messaging, offering exciting possibilities for enhanced engagement and interactivity. The messaging landscape is evolving, and Apple's foray into RCS sets the stage for a transformative chapter in the world of mobile communication.

Speculation of release date

While Apple hasn't officially stated when the RCS feature will be released other than "later next year", we can speculate that it will be released as an IOS 18 feature due for release in the fall of 2024.

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