LEKABs bid on 21st Century Mobile accepted

The mobile service provider LEKAB Communication Systems AB (LEKAB) announces today that it has successfully achieved 90 percent acceptance - a condition that was included in the cash offer that was presented to 21st' owners on 3 February.

"We are very pleased with the reception of our offer to 21st' shareholders," says Fredrik Ramén, Chairman of the Board of LEKAB. "This creates one of the Nordic region's largest players in mobile communication and messaging services".

“Together with LEKAB, we will have a much greater opportunity to successfully further develop our joint business. I see this merger as a natural next step for 21st ", comments Paulina Illman Lindefeldt, Chairman of the Board of 21st Century Mobile.

Closing is scheduled for April 15, 2022.

For further information, contact: Fredrik Ramén, Chairman of the Board of LEKAB Communication Systems AB, tel. 0703-198757, or Erik Lundberg, Head of M&A and Partner, Carlsquare, tel. 0738-503559.

About 21st Century Mobile

21st' business concept is based on streamlining communication from companies to their customers and employees through the channels available in the mobile phone. The company helps customers to visualize how communication can be integrated into the customer journey in a way that contributes to commitment and loyalty and strengthens the brand. Customers include passenger traffic, medical records/booking systems, real estate operations, energy companies and all the industries that are characterized by a large flow of people on the move, such as larger sports clubs as well as the restaurant and entertainment industry.

For more information on 21st Century Mobile www.21st.se