Send SMS from your computer

Send SMS easily and smoothly directly in our user-friendly web interface

Save time when it is most valuable

Send SMS via web from computer, tablet or mobile phone.

With the our communication platform, you can send unlimited text messages externally and internally to both customers and employees. You can inform, remind, ask specific questions and analyze and reuse the answers to send new messages.

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Track status in real time

Follow up your sendings and see when and what recipients respond in real time. Automate your flows by setting up smart workflow rules. Who did what in the platform? All changes are logged and can be followed in real time.

  • The status view shows ongoing workflows
  • All data is presented in real time, follow received answers
  • Meets high demands on safety, availability and stability

Import contacts

It's easy to import contacts and add metadata to the address book. Keep your address book up to date by integrating with your existing HR or CRM systems.

  • Import and use contact information from various data sources
  • Create ready-made distribution lists
  • Create, save and send messages in the same flow
  • Make sure the right people have received and read the information
Address book

Create your own templates

By creating your own message templates, you can quickly and easily recreate previous sendings. If you do not want to create your own templates, there are also pre-programmed templates to use. You can include texts, ready-made recipient groups and escalation rules in each template.

  • Create message templates for different needs
  • Filter based on metadata and communicate with those you want
  • Filter and create new mailings based on received responses
  • See history of previously sent messages

Our users

Companies, regions and government agencies use our platform every day to reach out with important messages in their daily operations.

Our solutions are suitable for you as a manager, leader, information owner or administrator who needs to send notifications to targeted groups of the workforce across multiple channels.

Users who keep the communication run smoothly

The platform ensures that HR, IT, and Security teams can always reach employees, even if standard communication channels are inaccessible. Users include: 

  • IT & Operations
  • Incident and emergency response managers 
  • Security managers
  • Operations managers
  • Planners
  • HR/Internal communicators
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