Incident management

Quickly inform and deploy the right resources when incidents occur

Incident management can be used to alert, activate and call in resources for critical or emergency events to quickly respond to the situation and take action. This all helps ensure business continuity.

One solution for staffing and communications in time-critical situations

Our incident management solution automates the entire incident communication chain to minimise damage, lost revenue and manage corporate confidence in the market. You can quickly locate available and skilled personnel, call in the people you need when you need them and keep emergency managers informed in the meantime.

Why automate communications?

When an incident occurs, every second counts. Clear and immediate information is crucial. The Incident Management solution allows you to quickly and efficiently reach out to all stakeholders directly and free up time from the process so you can focus on the incident itself. An automated communication process makes it easier to ensure procedural compliance. In addition, errors that can easily occur in time-critical situations due to the human factor are avoided. 


What are the benefits of incident management?

Speed up the communication process

Save time when you need it most. An automated solution frees up time you would otherwise spend informing others and calling in staff manually. You get responses in seconds.

Maintain focus on the incident

Automated communication processes allow you and your colleagues to engage in coordinating and managing your efforts and saving your company's assets by maintaining focus on managing the incident and getting responses right away.

Minimise the risk of manual mistakes

An automated solution ensures that existing processes are consistently followed and errors due to the human factor are minimised. If you need to wake someone in the middle of the night, an automated voice dial may be an effective way to do so.

How does it work?

Our incident management solution quickly reaches the resources that need to be activated by SMS and automated voice dialling.

  • Mobilise cross-functional teams in seconds from your PC, mobile or Ipad.
  • The system automatically contacts the next person on the list if someone cannot take a job or answer within a specific time.
  • When all positions in the team (e.g. emergency response team) have been filled or there is no one else to contact, a report is sent via SMS to the person who initiated the call.
  • Track progress in real time on a web-based dashboard. You can also extract an event log for further analysis.
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Areas and applications

Lekab-IT alerting

Every company depends on IT systems for its business to work. In the event of problems, it is important to be able to communicate quickly with stakeholders to address the problem and ensure that work quickly returns to normal.


Minor and major incidents can pose a risk to human life and health or substantial damage to property. The Incident Management solution allows you to both inform a larger number of people and find, call in and coordinate the different types of resources that need to be in place.

crisis communication
Crisis communications

Sudden incidents can cause concern. The way a company reacts and communicates with employees and customers can be the difference between getting a good response or eroding trust and damaging the brand. Our platform allows you to inform both internally and externally via mobile channels.

More benefits of the incident management solution


The solution is designed and adapted for mobile devices. Start a flow and follow the process from your mobile, tablet or computer.

Easy to use

The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. This minimises the risk of delays and errors. Pre-set recipient groups and templates are available for various messages to enable rapid communication.


The automated solution is cloud-based and has high availability and performance, which is essential in time-critical situations. There is also the strong possibility that the IT systems will be down.


Incident management is flexible and offers different communication flows depending on the need. You get features optimised for finding the right resources that can track all processes in real time and ensure that recipients have all the important information easily accessible on their phone.

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If unforeseen events occur, it is important to be able to quickly activate various resources to deal with the situation that has arisen. It is therefore essential to be able to send information to the right people at the right time and to ensure these people can manage and receive this information. 

This guide will help you learn about:

  • When and why incident response is needed
  • How incident management works
  • How to improve your company's communication process with SMS

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