Create a safer work environment with Employee Safety Check

Workplaces today are often spread out and mobile – which has given a new level of flexibility to many people’s lives. This means that personell work less often under the same roof, with many working off-site – sometimes even in different countries. When incidents occur – such as accidents, natural disasters, or a crisis situation – employee safety is of the utmost importance. To ensure their safety, companies must be able to locate and get help to employees in a timely fashion.

What is Employee Safety Check?

The Employee Safety Check tool gives employers a way to check how and where employees are during acute situations. This lets incident and emergency handling teams work more quickly. It can also be used to communicate with employees about whether they need to seek safety, and where.

Making telephone calls takes a lot of time, and doesn’t provide the status overview that Employee Safety Check does. Employee Safety Check also lets you communicate with employees via SMS and/or app messaging. This makes the job more efficient, and sending messages via multiple channels helps ensure that they reach your employees.

Keep your contact lists up-to-date

Keeping employees’ contact details up-to-date in different places isn’t always a priority task, and old details can remain in a system for months (or longer)! But if your contact lists are out-of-date, you won’t be able to reach all employees when an incident occurs.

To avoid this issue, LEKAB has a solution for setting up automatic imports will keep employees’ contact information updated. When you implement this at the same time as Employee Safety Check, you avoid an extra manual task, and ensure that you’ll be sending messages that your employees will actually receive.

Avoid worry and panic

Using the GPS function in mobile phones, you can locate employees when an incident occurs – as long as they have chosen to allow location sharing. In the case of an accident or other incident, you can use location sharing to send crucial information only to those who may actually be affected. This helps minimize worry or, depending on what the incident is, even panic, as you won’t be contact personell you know are unaffected.

How does LEKAB’s Employee Safety Check system work?

At LEKAB, we believe that everyone should feel safe when they are on the job. That’s why we developed our Employee Safety Check system. We wanted to make it easier for employers to create safe work environments, even when things don’t go as planned. With our platform, you can contact employees via both app and SMS, wherever they may be when an incident occurs.

The tool also lets employees respond to your messages, letting you know whether they are safe or need help. You can keep track of this vital information in real time. By giving employees an easy way to respond to your messages, the chances that they will in fact respond are better.

To keep the system up-to-date, LEKAB offers a solution that continuously updates contact information. As mentioned above, there is also a location sharing function, so that employees who have allowed it share their location with you automatically. As an employer, you then get an overview of who your message has been sent to, who has received it, who has responded, and where they are located.

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