Improve employee engagement with SMS – A game-changer for businesses

Effective internal communication is key to fostering productivity, collaboration, and employee engagement in the ever-changing landscape of modern work environments. The challenges posed by recent events like COVID-19 have emphasized the need for adaptable communication solutions, like utilising SMS as a communication channel.

Navigating internal communication channels

Businesses have a multitude of communication channels at their disposal to relay information to their workforce. Each channel has its unique advantages, but SMS stands out as an efficient and reliable solution for certain communication needs. Let's explore these channels before delving into the numerous benefits of SMS.

1. Email

Email has traditionally served as a cornerstone for internal communication. It's ideal for sending detailed messages, documents, and updates that don't require immediate attention.

2. Intranet

Intranet serves as a centralised platform for storing documents, policies, and announcements. It's a valuable resource for employees to access information when they need it.

3. Collaboration apps (e.g., Slack, Teams)

Collaboration apps facilitate real-time conversations and foster collaboration among team members, making them particularly useful for projects and group discussions.

4. Meetings and conferences

Face-to-face meetings, video conferences, and webinars are essential for discussions that require active engagement and real-time interaction.

Introducing SMS: the reliable solution

While the above channels each have their strengths, SMS offers distinctive advantages in specific communication scenarios. Here's why SMS is a vital tool for internal communication:

Instant information delivery:

Unlike email and intranet, SMS delivers updates directly to mobile phones in real-time, ensuring that employees receive critical messages promptly.

Cutting through the noise:

SMS excels at breaking through the noise and ensuring your messages are prioritised. With a 90% read rate within 90 seconds, your information stands out.

Real-time engagement:

SMS encourages immediate responses and real-time interactions, fostering two-way communication and ensuring your employees have a voice. 

Targeted communication:

SMS enables precise audience targeting, allowing you to send information to specific groups based on their roles and needs. 

Reliability in critical times:

During emergencies or technical disruptions, SMS remains the most reliable communication channel, ensuring that essential information reaches your team. In the ever-evolving landscape of internal communication, SMS proves indispensable for ensuring that crucial information is delivered promptly and effectively to all employees. It excels in situations where immediacy, clarity, and reliability are essential. 

SMS as a news channel

Email and intranet have historically been the main information channels in the workplace, but the mobile phone has emerged as a formidable news channel. Today, we are accustomed to receiving information via our mobile phones the moment news breaks. Information that impacts daily work or the company should be no different. Email and intranet simply cannot match the immediacy and reach of SMS. A guideline for successful internal communication is to connect with your employees where they are, using the devices they prefer. This makes SMS the optimal choice of channel.

At LEKAB, we're committed to helping organisations of all sizes stay connected with their employees securely and efficiently through SMS. 

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