Mobile messaging is the best way to grab a customer’s attention

Close customer relationships are a must for successful companies. As increasingly personalized customer dialogue paves the road to stronger customer relationships – companies see higher conversion rates, more sales, and better business. The customer dialogue can take place in multiple channels and should run throughout the entire customer journey.

Texting is often the best way to quickly grab a customer’s attention. It’s also the easiest way for them to respond, making texting a highly useful channel throughout the customer journey. Consumers today carry a phone with them wherever they go, giving the mobile phone a unique position in the digital marketing mix. The mobile channel should therefore be an integral part of any company's omnichannel communication strategy.

SMS is a tested and proven communication channel parallel with mobile apps, OTT messaging apps, and email. Customers and businesses alike benefit from the reliability, simplicity, and efficiency of SMS. Businesses can also benefit from the global reach and universal standard that make it a pervasive channel with high impact. Opening and reading rates are exceptional. Close to 98% of all text messages are opened, and the average click-through rate is 19%. There are many ways text messages can develop your company’s customer relationships and business; SMS is an ideal channel for engaging prospective customers and increasing direct sales, besides building long-term customer relationships, loyalty, and brand. 

Engaging customers with mobile messaging

Marketers that work with digital campaigns can also use SMS to increase the impact of other marketing resources. Many companies use digital signage or television advertisements to generate interest amongst customers. The challenge for this type of advertisement is that the step from noticing an interesting ad to taking action, whether that be making a purchase or getting in touch with the company, can be prohibitive. However, the threshold lowers dramatically when an SMS short code is combined with these traditional advertisements. 

A customer relationship does not end with the purchase – it begins there. Whether your customer is in the research phase of the journey or already considering your product, text messages can facilitate their experience and help them arrive at the decision stage faster.


Develop customer relationships with relevant information

One way to build a long-lasting relationship with a customer is to provide updated and relevant information via SMS throughout the entire customer journey. E-tailers and traditional retailers can benefit from building a closer relationship with customers through SMS. What happens after an order is placed determines how the sale is experienced. All things being equal – having fast and high precision delivery has become the most important competitive tool. Text messages make it possible to keep customers informed of where their products are throughout the delivery process.

The travel industry provides updated information on hotel reservations, booking confirmations, and departure information by SMS. Mobile and energy companies can also give updates on operations this way. Car companies can advise their clients on their annual service or conduct NPS surveys. Dentists, doctors, and vaccination centers can remind their patients that it is time for a visit. Quick and easy information sent directly to the customer’s mobile is greatly appreciated by customers, as long as it is personalized, relevant, and delivered in the proper context.

Build loyalty and generate additional sales

Customer clubs and loyalty programs are tools to nurture and develop customer relationships in many industries. Today, digital customer clubs are being founded as a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to physical membership cards and postal mailings. SMS can also be used to gauge the customer relationship status through rapid and straightforward surveys. Send a question to monitor a purchase or service contact directly or continuously collect information about customers’ needs and expectations.

Rich messaging takes brand communications to the next level 

Integrations of SMS or rich messaging formats in your company’s communication strategy make it easier to tailor personalized communications to different consumer segments. With rich SMS, promotional offers, event invitations, and information about new products can be personalized and directed to selected customers with exact precision. In the same way, individualized and personalized offers can be directed and sent out to hundreds of thousands of customers with mass mailings (bulk). Relevant and personalized mailings contribute to increased loyalty for the brand, accelerated conversions, and more closed business deals.

Take your business messaging to the next level with engaging and rich content that matches your brand profile with call-to-action buttons, videos, personalized landing pages, and unique URLs – to transform the customer experience.

With Rich SMS, you can create a cutting-edge customer dialogue that increases conversion, sales, and your brand's overall customer experience. Rich messaging formats can also transform simple SMS notifications into interesting conversations. 


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