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Efficient SMS and messaging service for the public sector

Communicate quickly and easily on the receipient's terms via mobile phone

Mobile communications in the public sector

Smart and digital messaging services let you quickly send critical information to the right people, get instant feedback and make better data-driven decisions fast.

We help municipalities, regions and governments communicate effectively and reach out to recipients with important messages using mobile channels. Integrate SMS functionality into your systems via our APIs or send SMS messages directly from our cloud-based communication platform, providing ready-made, rule-based communication flows for staffing, incident management, etc.

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Digitalisation and automation have never been easier

Lekab-increase productivity and engagement
Increase productivity & engage employees and other recipients

Improve customer satisfaction & quality in day-to-day operations

Lekab-reduce costs
Reduce unnecessary administration and resource management costs

Smart messaging services allow you to:

Communicate with employees

Ensure that employees receive and read important messages. Send reminders, inform and call in staff in the event of a lack of resources or if important or serious events arise. Get a reply in a blink.

Send information to the general public

Reach the public or citizens on various issues such as health and well-being, safety, sudden closures, unforeseen events or other matters.

Manage all incidents, big and small

Exchange information with employees in real time through alerts, call in resources and reinforce with extra staff. Our communication platform creates structure in pressure situations and provides clear overview and traceability of your communications.

Smart solutions that streamline information and communication flows

With our communication platform, a smart, efficient cloud service for mobile communications, you can streamline internal and external communication flows and support managers across your business.

All communication can be carried out directly via SMS, App or voice services depending on specific situation and needs of your business.

How is communication streamlined?

We help you and your employees control communications and make data-driven decisions based on fast and effective responses. You can speed up existing communication processes, reduce unnecessary administration and increase resource efficiency, productivity and quality.
  • analyse mailings and responses in real time
  • get feedback directly on the dashboard 
  • minimise the risk of manual errors in pressure situations





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Integrate SMS functionality into your existing systems

Integration with existing systems makes it possible to use existing databases and communication flows. You can choose to send impromptu SMS messages from our cloud-based platform or automated text messages to reduce administration costs, improve your service quality and efficiency. Common integrations:

  • Appointment booking systems
  • Log systems
  • Scheduling systems
  • HRM-systems
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