Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger offers brands and consumers a communication channel for mobile-first interaction through notifications and marketing.

Enables conversations encouraging sales and loyalty

Customer communication
Customer communication

Interact with customers through alerts and notifications. Send important information through the channel the customer is most likely to interact with.


Use ads to lead to conversations in the customer journey that can increase revenue. Maximise ROI with content-rich campaigns in the customer's preferred channel.

Customer service
Customer service

Improve customer satisfaction with personalised live chat support and build deeper relationships with customers and prospectives to help your business grow.

Reach Facebook Messenger's 1.3 billion users today


Feel a more personal connection to the brand when a company communicates via Facebook Messenger.


Find that OTT channels create better customer experiences.


Find the easiest way to reach companies is through social channels.



Communicate effectively and personally with a business profile on Facebook Messenger and reach users all over the world.

  • Create templates and automate personalised mailings
  • Two-way communication allows for more personal dialogue with the recipient
  • With a Click-to-Messenger link directly in the ad or on the web, customers can easily start a conversation directly with the company
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Ask for consent first

Even if a recipient has previously consented to communications from you via other channels, you need to clearly have the recipient's consent to send messages via Facebook Messenger.

  • Your company name must be clearly visible when a recipient selects to receive future communications from you
  • You can decide how to obtain the recipient's consent, but applicable laws must be followed

Read more about opt-in

Recipients expect to receive the type of communication they were receiving at the time of opt-in.

Read more about opt-in for Facebook Messenger
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Mobile channels offer unique benefits in communication. With our products and services, your business can efficiently cut through the noise and clutter.

If you want to use SMS and modern messaging services but don't have the resources to develop, test and distribute the workflows you need, our developers and experts will help. We can quickly and nimbly test new ideas to meet your future communication needs today. 


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1,3 billion users

Facebook Messenger is the second most used channel in the world after WhatsApp (which, like Facebook, is owned by Meta).

The channel is most used in Sweden

The app has most users in the Nordics, North America, North Africa and Oceania.

Send messages to both Facebook's web application and Messenger App

Companies can send messages both to Facebook's web application and to the Messenger app.

20 billion messages

20 billion messages are sent via Facebook Messenger every month.

Reach a young audience

Facebook Messenger is most popular among users in the 25-36 age range.

Facebook Messenger is a multi-purpose channel

The channel can be used for marketing, customer support, e-commerce and notifications.

Facebook is restricted in certain countries

Facebook Messenger is available worldwide, but in some countries use of the app is banned or restricted. The channel is banned in China, North Korea, Syria, Iran and Turkmenistan.

Facebook Messenger was launched 2011

In 2015, four years after its launch, Messenger started offering businesses the opportunity to communicate with their customers through the channel.

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