Enhancing customer experience in transport with SMS notifications

Transportation companies are focused on moving people and goods from one place to another, often through vehicles such as buses, trains, and planes. In this context, SMS communication effectively informs customers about their travel arrangements and provides personalised updates. This article explores the use cases and benefits of implementing SMS notifications in the transport industry to enhance customer experience (CX).

SMS notifications provide greater transparency into the travel process, allowing customers to track their travel arrangements easily. Additionally, SMS notifications help transportation companies streamline communication and reduce communication barriers between customers and the brand. Customers appreciate receiving real-time updates and personalised communication via SMS, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. 

Use cases of SMS notifications in transportation

SMS notifications provide transportation companies with a direct and effective way to communicate with their customers in real time. Some of the use cases of SMS notifications in the transportation industry include:

  • Travel updates: Send timely SMS notifications to customers, keeping them informed about their travel arrangements, such as flight delays, gate changes, lost luggages, and boarding times.
  • Reminders: send SMS to remind customers about upcoming travel or to confirm reservations.
  • Confirmations: use SMS to confirm customer pick-up or drop-off locations and times. Read more use cases for logistics here.
  • Important information: inform customers of transportation-related news or updates, such as new routes, schedules or transportation modes.
  • Internally: use SMS to alert employees of schedule changes, such as shift swaps or cancelled routes. Communicate with drivers about traffic congestion or road closures that could impact their routes.
  • Promotions: leverage SMS notifications to offer personalised promotions and discounts to customers, enhancing their loyalty and driving sales.

Connect with your customers in their preferred channel

While SMS notifications are the primary focus of this article, it is still essential to provide customers with the flexibility to receive messages in their preferred channel at different stages of the customer journey. Transportation companies can offer multiple channels for communication besides SMS, messaging channels like RCS, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger offers rich features to messaging that make conversations between companies and customers more personal. Build strong relationships with customers by sending images, videos and CTA buttons that lead to personalised landing pages or directly to, for example, a customer's train ticket. By offering this flexibility, transportation companies can provide a better customer experience and improve their overall satisfaction.

In conclusion, SMS remains a crucial tool for transportation companies to improve customer experience. By providing real-time updates, reminders, and personalised promotions via SMS, transportation companies can enhance their customer's overall experience. Additionally, by allowing customers to receive messages in their preferred channel, transportation companies can further improve their customer experience and satisfaction.

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