Meet our new Digital Marketing Intern Siri Spaak

Siri Spaak, our new Digital Marketing Intern, has been with us for over a month. It is, therefore, time for an interview to get to know Siri a little better and her role at LEKAB.

👋 How has your initial time as an intern at LEKAB been?

My initial time at LEKAB has been super educational! Since the first day, I have received a cheerful and warm welcome from my colleagues, feeling like part of the team right away. I am an intern in digital marketing, and my tasks vary greatly. Primarily, I have been creating content on various channels and working on web design and copywriting on the website.

💼 Share a bit about your education?

Since spring 2021, I have been studying at Stockholm University. I completed my education last winter and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Public Relations. My studies primarily covered subjects in Advertising and Public Relations, Media and Communication Science, and Art History in Visual Media.

🎯 What tasks have been the most enjoyable during the internship?

The most enjoyable tasks so far have probably been working with LEKAB's social media and web design. The colleagues and the positive atmosphere in the office also make my workday particularly joyful.

🎸 What do you like to do in your spare time?

During my free time, I enjoy being at the gym, on the couch watching a good film, or at a nice restaurant with my loved ones. I almost always have something going on and prefer spending weekends with friends and family.