Meet our new Frontend Developer Nisha Chavan

Get to know Nisha Chavan, our new skilled Frontend Developer at LEKAB. Dive into her role, experiences, motivations, and hobbies as she shares insights into her web development expertise and her constant quest for learning and growth in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

👋 How has your first time at LEKAB been, and tell us more about your role as Frontend Developer? 

It has been great, and I could already find myself at ease during the first month as people at LEKAB are very friendly, flexible and collaborative. As a Frontend Web Developer, I am responsible for Typescript view development and design. I have also been looking into the Java views when it comes to setting the layout and design of it. I love when it comes to writing reusable and conditionally rendered components while working on the frontend part, as I have React background. 

💼 Tell us about your past work experiences. What did you do before you began working for us?

I worked as Software Developer for MNC in India and later did my internship as WordPress Developer for a Sweden-based startup. To get to know more about the latest technology, I did my diploma at SALT as FullStack JavaScript Developer.

🎯 What motivates you the most at work?

a. Opportunity to work on something totally new, whether it is framework or language, as logic remains the same, it is just the syntax one needs to be aware of.

– b. The ability to learn and grow and the satisfaction of seeing our work come to life on the web.

– c. Apart from the above, trust is more important as a team member. So to gain that trust among colleagues through work and maintain it is something that acts as a motivation for me.

🔭What do you like to do in your spare time?

As a mother, I love to spend my time with my 6 yr old as much as possible. Lego, puzzles, vehicles, meddling with our telescope and whatnot! However, personally, I enjoy exercising and reading and cleaning🤣. And to keep up with rapidly changing technology, I love to learn and study on my own related to my field.