RCS Verified Sender protects businesses from smishing and fraud

SMS fraud is on the rise, affecting both individuals and businesses. It is crucial to ensure that SMS communication comes from a trusted source. For businesses, SMS fraud poses a significant security risk. Registered sender IDs have proven to be an effective measure to combat fraud. The new technology RCS takes security to the next level by offering the possibility to verify the sender's identity, which strengthens the security and reliability of business communication.

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a communication protocol that can send messages to mobile phones, much like SMS, but RCS can do so much more – hence often referred to as SMS 2.0. RCS offers rich features for modern customer communication, supporting high-resolution multimedia, interactive CTA buttons, read receipts, and more.

With RCS comes the important feature of verified sender IDs, where the telecom operator, using unique ID numbers, can ensure that the sender is the company or public sector entity that the recipient has approved communication.

Increased security with verified senders

A significant improvement that comes with transitioning to RCS technology is increased traceability and the ability to verify the sender's identity. This enhances safety and security in conversations. Unfortunately, we are seeing a rise in smishing and scam attempts in society today. Swedish Bank Associations have therefore joined forces in the campaign "Svårlurad" (Hard to Fool), to educate consumers on what they can do to avoid falling into the trap.

With the RCS feature of verified sender IDs, businesses can ensure that their messages are not distorted or manipulated by unauthorized parties, and recipients can be confident that the information comes from an authorised source. A verified sender ID confirms the authenticity of the message to protect against scams, such as smishing and spoofing attacks, which can harm a company's reputation and finances.

As early as March 2019, GSMA introduced RCS Verified Sender, which enhances trust in telecom operator messages by allowing brands to undergo a special verification process. When a brand is verified, its logo and name are displayed, ensuring that only authorised entities represent their identity. Your company receives a validation stamp from a mobile network operator (MNO), guaranteeing your customers that messages in their mobile inbox are genuine and come from a trusted source. The visual confirmation is a strong signal to recipients, further strengthening trust.

Once the brand is verified, the company can display the following in their messages to assure consumers of authenticity:

  • Brand information and verification

  • Direct website link, email, and phone number

  • Company logo

  • Sender view with a badge for verified senders


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Once the verification process is complete and all requirements are met, the company is awarded verified status. This is reflected through a special "verified" badge displayed next to the company's name or sender information in RCS messages. It's important to note that only one verification can be awarded to your company, ensuring authenticity and reliability in all communication.

Benefits of verified sender ID

  • Reliability and Security: Verified sender IDs provide a stamp of approval from mobile network operators (MNOs), assuring the recipient that the message in their mobile inbox comes from a trustworthy source.
  • Visual Clarity: The "verified sender" badge alongside the logo offers a clear visual indication to the recipient, making it easy to identify the sender (the company), contributing to a secure and improved user experience.
  • Control and Transparency: By seeing the sender's information and verification status, the recipient can make informed decisions on how to handle the message. It also enables them to easily identify and filter out unwanted messages.
  • Interaction and Engagement: When customers are aware of the sender's identity and verification status, recipients are also more likely to engage. A verified sender contributes to a positive user experience and fosters trust and loyalty.

In summary, RCS verified sender offers a range of benefits for the recipient, creating a safer, more reliable, and engaging communication experience.

LEKAB's RCS API can be easily integrated into your existing systems. To ensure that you reach your entire customer database, recipients without Android operating systems can use the fallback option of SMS. Learn more about when RCS becomes available for iOS.


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