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Reach customers anywhere. Our developer-friendly SMS Gateway integrates seamlessly via SMS APIs to enable your software applications and systems to send and receive quality SMS messages globally.

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Trusted by developers. 99,6% uptime. Built with high levels of security, availability and stability and is under constant monitoring.

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Scale as you grow – SMS Gateway
handles both individual and large volumes (bulk) of SMS messages.

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Reach 6 billion mobiles on 1451 networks
that are deployed by 955 operators in 243

How our SMS Gateway works

The SMS Gateway converts messages created in your application's format into a format understood by mobile networks. Our Gateway uses the SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) protocol to connect to an  SMSC (Short Message Service Center) operated by mobile carriers to distribute your messages to the selected recipients in your address book.




Integrate SMS functionality into your systems and applications

SMS Gateway is a scalable cloud service that can be integrated into your company's business systems or software applications. The service is easy to integrate through our SMS API:s and can be used with applications such as:

  • CRM
  • Marketing- & campaign systems
  • HR systems
  • ERP systems
  • Booking systems
  • Communication servers
  • And more..
SMS API integrations

Your bridge to Mobile Network Operators and customers


An SMS API (Application Programming Interface) is the key that your software application needs to unlock LEKAB's SMS Gateway. APIs allow your application to easily communicate with the Gateway and leverage its functionality to send and receive SMS messages, import address books and more.

SMS Gateway

An SMS Gateway acts as a bridge between your applications or software and the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), allowing companies to send and receive text messages. The most common use case is to send messages to and from mobile phone users, which is called Application-to-person (A2P) and Person-to-Application (P2A).

Connect in your audience's preferred channel

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    Reach anyone, anytime, anywhere. Mobile phones, our constant companions, have made SMS a preferred communication channel for businesses worldwide.

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    Elevate your business communication with the next generation of SMS. RCS goes beyond text, offering a dynamic and engaging way to connect. 

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  • Whatsapp For Business icon


    Revolutionise customer engagement with WhatsApp for business. Leverage feature-rich messaging, personalised communication and customisable profiles.

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    Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger offers real-time communication, automated responses, and seamless transactions – enhancing customer interactions and your business processes.

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    Experience the power of Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Text (STT) technologies – seamlessly converting messages into written or spoken words. Ideal for 1- & 2-way phone calls.

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  • Cloudfax icon


    CloudFax offers seamless digital faxing, secure document transmission, and efficient communication. Enhance your collaboration and document workflow.

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    All rich channels

    Explore additional rich channels to find and learn about the perfect messaging channel for your audience.

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SMS Gateway features

Outgoing SMS (1-way)

One-way messaging with an SMS Gateway allows you to send SMS messages to recipients without expecting or enabling a reply. This type of messaging is ideal for broadcasting important information, alerts, notifications, and promotional messages to a large audience efficiently.


Keywords enable users to interact with your SMS system by sending specific words or phrases to a designated number like START/STOP. This triggers automated responses, workflows or actions, making it easy to manage user inquiries, subscriptions, and other interactions efficiently.

Auto reply

Respond automatically to incoming messages based on predefined rules, such as a keyword response like YES/NO. This feature ensures timely and consistent communication, enhancing customer experience by providing instant feedback and information without manual intervention.

Personalisation variables

Personalisation variables let you customise SMS messages with specific details such as the recipient's [Name], [Account number], or appointment [Time]. This adds a personal touch to your communications, increasing engagement and relevance.

Flash SMS

Flash SMS delivers messages directly to the recipient's screen, bypassing the inbox and ensuring immediate attention. This is ideal for urgent notifications and alerts that need to be seen instantly.


Quotas allow you to set limits on the number of messages sent within a specified period. This helps in managing costs, preventing overuse and fraud, and ensuring compliance with messaging policies.

Incoming SMS (2-way)

Two-way messaging with an SMS Gateway enables both sending and receiving SMS messages to engage in real-time conversations with your audience. Recipients can respond to messages, participate in surveys, provide feedback, and interact with customer support. It's widely used for customer service, order confirmations, appointment scheduling, job requests and opt-in to marketing campaigns. A key feature of 2-way messaging is the use of keywords.

Sender ID(s)

Sender ID lets you customise the name or number that appears as the sender on the recipient's phone. This enhances brand recognition and trust, as recipients can immediately identify who the message is from. We can also offer sender ID protection, which means that only we, as an aggregator, can send your messages with a specific sender ID. Meaning if someone else tries to send using that sender ID except us, it will be blocked.


See detailed insights into your messaging campaigns and send-outs, including delivery rates, open rates, and response rates. This data helps you measure effectiveness, optimise strategies, and improve future messages.

Delivery receipts

Delivery receipt confirms whether your SMS messages have been successfully delivered to the recipient’s device. This feature helps in tracking message delivery status and identifying any delivery issues.

Time rules

Time rules allow you to schedule messages to be sent at specific times or within certain time frames. This ensures that your messages reach recipients at the most appropriate and effective times.

Stop list

The stop list feature manages opt-out requests by maintaining a list of numbers that should not receive further messages. This helps in compliance with regulations and respects user preferences.


Concatenation enables the sending of long messages by breaking them into multiple segments and reassembling them on the recipient’s device. This ensures that your full message is delivered even if it exceeds the standard 160 SMS character limit.

URL links

URL links allow you to include clickable web links in your SMS messages. This drives traffic to your website, landing pages, or other online resources, enhancing engagement and providing additional information.


Protects your data from unauthorised access and breaches. This includes authentication to web portal, and other measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your communications.

Number lookup

Number lookup validates and retrieves information about phone numbers, such as carrier details and whether the number is active. This helps in maintaining accurate contact lists and improving message delivery rates.


Webhook allows your SMS Gateway to send real-time data to other systems when certain events occur. This enables seamless integration with your existing workflows and systems, facilitating automated processes and immediate responses.


Allow you to create and store preformatted messages for recurring use. This feature significantly enhances efficiency and consistency in your communications by enabling quick dispatch of standard messages without the need to compose each one from scratch.

Connect our APIs to your software

Integrate our robust and flexible SMS APIs and start sending messages. See the full API documentation and code examples. Our support team is at your disposal at any time.

Our flexible SMS APIs include REST API with JSON, Web Services (SOAP / XML), Batch API, SMPP, SMTP, and HTTP GET. We also provide Rich channel APIs like RCS and WhatsApp.

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Easy sender ID registration

Sender IDs play a crucial role in determining the success of your SMS. Whether it's Alphanumeric Sender IDs or 10DLC, each type serves a distinct purpose, bringing its own costs and benefits. We help you with your sender ID registration. We guide you through seamless sender ID registration.

  • Alphanumeric sender ID (A-Z, both uppercase and lowercase and numbers 0-9)
  • Dedicated number (use the same number everywhere)
  • Short number (4- or 6-digit, only in Sweden)
  • TFN – Toll-Free-Numbers (US & CAN only)
  • 10DLC – 10 Digital Long Code (US only)
SMS Sender ID examples

Solutions for your industry

We work with customers in various industries, addressing complex challenges and delivering effective automation solutions.


  • Bank & Insurance use case

    Bank & insurance

    Send appointment bookings with advisors, reminders for missed signatures and payments, advice and instructions for filling a claim or customer onboarding – all via SMS. Inform your customers at the right time in the customer journey.

  • Retail & ecommerce use case

    Retail & ecommerce

    Reach the right customers at the right time with targeted messages that directly address customer needs and preferences. From order updates and  back-in-stock notices or loyalty notifications to SMS Marketing and offers. 

  • Transport & logistics use case

    Transport & logistics

    Keep customers satisfied and loyal with prompt updates. Allow customers to track orders in real-time for seamless delivery. Or update the customer about traffic disruptions, a canceled departure, or a changed gate.

  • Healthcare & public sector use case layer

    Healthcare & public sector

    Streamline operations and communication with SMS. Ensure patient satisfaction with real-time updates and manage workforce and last-minute staffing by coordinating shifts with text messages.



  • IT & telecom use case layer

    IT & telecom

    Integrate SMS functionality into your platform. From automatic customer and service notifications, one-time passwords, to system and operational messages. Our flexible and scalable SMS solutions help businesses streamline communication both internally and externally, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Code of conduct

LEKAB is a Board Member of Morgan, the industry association for mobile services in Sweden. Morgan, together with Swedish telecom operators Telia, Tele2, Hi3G, and Telenor, has established the Code of Conduct for A2P Messaging. This detailed framework aims to regulate the distribution of bulk SMS messages, promote a good and sustainable business messaging market and safeguard the integrity of A2P messaging.

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