Why Mobile Communication for Business?

Ensure your employees receive and read all important correspondence with texting. Learn more how your business can leverage the power of text messaging to improve internal communications and engage with employees more efficiently.

Mobile communication grow in importance for business. In the top ten developed countries, 73,5% own a smartphone July 2020 (source: newszoo), so how can your company embrace mobile communication and take advantage of its many uses as a communication channel?

There are more tools than ever before to communicate, but still businesses struggle to communicate with their employees in an effective way. Staying connected has never been more important to ensure business continuity.

four good reasons

Covid-19 pandemic

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, many employers realized that the means of communicating at work excelled the means of communicating with their staff at home. The nature of desk-based jobs is also changing at speed, allowing people to work remotely.

While email and intranets have provided a solid foundation in the past, it has become apparent more recently with a changing and dispersed workforce, that companies need to meet their employees with information when and where they want to receive it — via mobile technology. Unread e-mails might be problematic.

The use of technology and evolution of a digital workplace is key to companies staying connected to their employees and mobile communication has the capability to include every employee (desk or non-desk) in its business model.

SMS for Employee Communication

SMS is increasingly being used by companies to communicate with their employees because it is an efficient form of communications. In fact, 90 percent of text messages get read within 90 second of delivery. Business text messaging keeps people up to date and informed when it matters most. Example of text messages to employees:

Alerts & notifications
  • Upcoming appointments
  • Important corporate events
  • Planned disruptions
  • Incident notifications
HR updates
  • Policy changes
  • Enrollment deadlines
  • Office announcements
  • Reminders; timesheets, invoices and expense reports
Staffing & rostering
  • Availability requests
  • Schedule updates
  • Rostering changes
Time-critical communication

When time is of essence, it is important to have the capacity to deliver messages at speed. When the message is critically important, successful delivery is vital such as:

  • Emergency notifications and alerts
  • Security alerts; lock down, evacuation

Employees are often overloaded by emails and some aren’t always at their desktop to check their inbox, because they are offsite, in meetings or part of the mobile workforce. This can result in information getting lost or delayed that could, in turn, affect the operational productivity.

Using mobile messaging as a channel of communication can help to deliver information timely so employees don’t miss out on important info – no matter where they are. And even if your employees aren’t supplied with a company mobile phone, it’s likely they will have their own personal phone, so they still can be reached.

Two-way communication

The biggest benefits of receiving text messages, is that SMS is more likely to get attention than an e-mail or app-notification (due to the reluctance to download apps or too many apps ). SMS also allows  two-way communication, providing a feedback loop and opportunity for employees to response, when needed. Two-way communication is useful for:

  • Surveys & feedback
  • Notifying employees and reserve staff of available shifts
  • Sending reminders and correct errors
  • Confirmations or reservations

Very often, organizations lack a consistent mechanism for employee feedback. Mobile communication provides both an increased level of transparency and accessibility to voice ideas and feedback instantly. Mobile communication may also help to:

  • Achieve compliance
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Deliver improved business productivity
  • Grow company culture
  • Increase employee satisfaction.

Sharing information with your employees via mobile messaging shows that implementing an internal communications system doesn’t have to be difficult.

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