Meet our new Sales Manager Harri Säilä

Step into the world of LEKAB and meet our new Sr. Sales Manager with a diverse background spanning tech, sales, and international experiences. In this interview, Harri Säilä shares his initial impressions and experiences since joining the company, highligting his sales background in different countries, and his unwavering motivation to serve customers and foster mutually beneficial relationships. Harri brings a wealth of experiences to his role.

👋 How has your first time at LEKAB been, and tell us more about your role as Sales Manager? 

The first month was about learning the house rules (every workplace has them, part of the culture) and getting to know one's colleagues & portfolio and customers. As far as the role goes my job is to retain existing customers & bring new logo customers into the LEKAB realm.

💼 Tell us about your past work experiences. What did you do before you began working for us?

My past work experience ranges from summer jobs to the tech side of ICT to sales. Mostly I've worked in sales, with various roles & various companies ranging from Finnish, German-Japanese, Swiss, French, American, and Swedish-Finnish. I've had the pleasure of working in a very interesting field for over 20 years. This has also offered me opportunities to work abroad as well; in the Netherlands, DACH countries, the Baltics, and the Nordics (Sweden & Norway are my personal favs). Yes, I've been around.

🎯 What motivates you the most at work?

– What motivates me is success – to a certain extent. But mostly, serving & solving customers' challenges and nurturing long, meaningful relationships that are mutually beneficial is the main motivator.

💪What do you like to do in your spare time?

– My spare time, if I have any, is spent outdoors, reading or hanging out with my kids, i.e. family stuff. And the gym – at my age, it's a must🙂.