Rich SMS

Take your messages to the next level with graphics reflecting your graphical profile, calls to action, videos and much more. Rich SMS gives you the chance to be creative and communicate with your entire customer base

Strengthen your brand

Let your communication speak for itself. Enhance the experience and image of your brand with rich SMS.

Retain your customers

Companies successful in engaging are much more likely to retain their customers. It costs up to five times as much to find a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Increase your profitability

Maximise ROI in each campaign with personalised messaging and analysis of every step your customer takes.

Personalised messaging

Monitor and respond to each customer's individual actions and behaviour patterns.

  • All types of customer data: name, membership number, account status, balance, etc
  • Content & media: text, images, video
  • Customer interaction: e-shop, geolocation, scratch card offers, gamification


...of all customers say they are more likely to buy something when a brand offers a personalised experience!

rich sms demo link-02-02-02

Interact with every message

Let your customers experience personalised and interactive messaging. Create a complete digital experience as secure as SMS


  • Automated personal messaging
  • Interactive touch modules
  • Simple drag-and-drop
  • Images, GIFs, video
  • Real time statistics
  • Link to your CRM

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