Meet our new Key Account Manager Anna Höglund

Our new Key Account Manager, Anna Höglund, shares her initial impressions and ambitions at LEKAB. In the interview, she also discusses her KAM role and the importance of evolving together with her clients.

👋 How has your first time at LEKAB been, and tell us more about your role as Key Account Manager?

– I was welcomed by a wonderful group of enthusiastic colleagues and quickly immersed myself in learning everything about the messaging industry. In my new role, I've been entrusted with nurturing some of LEKAB's most crucial client relationships. I look forward to developing these partnerships ensuring LEKAB continues to evolve in sync with our clients' messaging needs.

💼 Tell us about your past work experiences. What did you do before you began working for us?

– I have worked extensively in customer relations across various industries for a long time. Building, nurturing, and growing relationships is one of my key strengths. I am always motivated to find solutions to needs and challenges.

🎯 What motivates you the most at work?

– My driving force is a constant desire to progress and become a little better every day. I'm a competitive individual by nature, always seeking pathways and solutions that make a difference and yield results.

⛷️What do you like to do in your spare time?

– I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, whether it's over a lively dinner or on the sidelines of a basketball court, tennis court, or ski slope.