Smart Messaging across all mobile channels

Deliver the right message at the right time in channels like SMS, RCS and more. We offer messaging APIs, digital tools, and solutions to companies that want to automate and streamline their communication and processes to improve productivity, accessibility, and customer experience.

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Nordic presence

Our team operates locally, ensuring quick and personalised support, communication and troubleshooting.

LEKAB - global reach
Global coverage

Send A2P messages worldwide with accuracy. We have partnerships with leading carriers and operators.

LEKAB - secure

All of your data storage is hosted on data centres in Sweden for maximum security and performance.

Connect in your audience's preferred channel

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    Reach anyone, anytime, anywhere. Mobile phones, our constant companions, have made SMS a preferred communication channel for businesses worldwide.

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    Elevate your business communication with the next generation of SMS. RCS goes beyond text, offering a dynamic and engaging way to connect. 

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    Revolutionise customer engagement with WhatsApp for business. Leverage feature-rich messaging, personalised communication and customisable profiles.

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    Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger offers real-time communication, automated responses, and seamless transactions – enhancing customer interactions and your business processes.

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    Experience the power of Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Text (STT) technologies – seamlessly converting messages into written or spoken words. Ideal for 1- & 2-way phone calls.

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    CloudFax offers seamless digital faxing, secure document transmission, and efficient communication. Enhance your collaboration and document workflow.

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    All rich channels

    Explore additional rich channels to find and learn about the perfect messaging channel for your audience.

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Discover who we are

For more than 30 years, we've enabled leading Nordic enterprises to effectively engage and communicate with customers, employees, and business systems. Our proven expertise in business messaging and process automation helps businesses across diverse sectors boost productivity, drive sales growth, and enhance accessibility.

Headquarter in Sweden, with additional offices in Finland and Norway. We go beyond just sending messages; we create meaningful connections. We transform communication challenges into opportunities, ensuring your business makes a significant impact with every interaction. We believe in messages that matter.

LEKAB Vasastan

Use cases for SMS

From improved internal collaboration to engaging with and activating customers

  • Promotional campaigns

    Marketing campaign

    Elevate engagement with irresistible promotional campaigns. Maximise outreach, drive sales, and captivate your target audience. Discover the power of targeted messaging.

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  • Delivery tracking - dark

    Delivery tracking

    Real-time tracking ensures a seamless journey from checkout to doorstep. Keep customers informed, enhance satisfaction, and build loyalty. Experience delivery tracking like never before.

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  • Emergency alerts

    Emergency alert

    Quick and effective communication is crucial in times of crisis. Swiftly deliver critical information to a broad audience with timely alerts to keep your community or employees safe and secure. 

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  • Booking confirmation

    Booking confirmation

    Reduce the number of missed appointments and no shows. Effective communication is essential, especially when it comes to confirming bookings and sending timely reminders.

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  • Staffing


    Streamline staff scheduling and workforce management. Keep your team informed and engaged. From shift reminders, vacancies and open-shift notifications to quick confirmations.

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  • Incident communication

    Incident communication

    Send urgent information and critical incident updates to stakeholders instantly. From alerts and status updates to clear instructions, keep everyone informed and ready to act.

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  • Employee notification

    Employee notifications

    Improve internal communication and keep your team informed. Ensure that important updates, schedule changes, reminders, and notifications reach employees directly on their mobile.

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  • OTP

    One-Time-Password (OTP)

    Send OTP messages from your system or application directly to users' phones. An extra layer of protection and a convenient and reliable way to confirm identities for logins and sensitive actions.

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  • Reminder


    Stay on top of important deadlines and upcoming appointments. Timely reminders are essential for maintaining productivity and ensuring that key events are not overlooked.

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What you get from LEKAB

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Easy integration

Integrate SMS APIs and other messaging channel APIs into your systems and applications. We are continuously and proactively developing new integrations for HR, CRM, ERP, booking and Martech systems.

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Custom development

From need to solution – we're here to help. Customised smart messaging solutions for mobile communication, built just for you. Request development for automated workflows, one-off integrations and more tailored to your specific needs.

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Onboarding & professional services

We’re here for you! Our dedicated team is eager to give expert guidance and discuss our smart messaging solutions with you. We operate locally, ensuring quick and personalised support to get started.

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